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homestuck lord english harumihomestuck lord english harumi
homestuck lord english harumihomestuck lord english harumi

And here’s the Cherub batch including Callie Ohpeee! uvu Feel free to use any Christmas icon you want! Tomorrow I’ll be posting the Exiles, enjoy!

[Alpha & Beta Kids] - [Troll Batch 1] - [Troll Batch 2] - [Troll Batch 3]

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homestuck lord english harumi's art calliope caliborn christmas icons
Maybe fully-grown Calliope will be called Lady America… …Because she doesn’t take any shit from the English.
Jess and I were recently discussing our mutual suspicion of Calliope, and I started digging around for some actual evidence to back our theories up. Our theory being that Calliope is not a perfect innocent little angle and is actually up to something nefarious. FIRST! Here, Calliope tells Jake that...
Has basically told us she can’t feel love. Has cheated many times though she pretends to be a goody two shoes. Claims she wanted to help her brother but was always aggressive toward him. Has connections to Lil Cal? Seems to speak in an English accent for no discernible reason. Talked about ...
Dad Lord English and the kids are on a road trip Caliborn asks “ARE WE THERE YET” Lord English replies: “WE ARE ALREADY THERE”
if the male cherub couldnt turn into a giant snake would it be ereptile disfunction
Why I think Calliope is Lord English (and you should too!): A rant.
Anticipating hatred. Lord English’s MO is complete and utter destruction of space with no plan and no strategy. First off, Caliborn’s domain isn’t Space - but Calliope’s is. Secondly, he is far too obsessed with strategy and rules to do anything so haphazardly. Calliope̵...
homestuck lord english calliope caliborn
Wanna hear a crack theory? Some people pointed out that Caliborn looks like “chewing off your own leg” didn’t hurt at all. Well, either he is just badass like that or for some reason, he really didn’t feel the pain. I got this idea whilst thinking about their sylladex. How Ca...
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