• homestuck Skyrim shoutout to all my dragonborns... beast-of-joy •
homestuck Skyrim shoutout to all my dragonborns...

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Shoutout to my witches that don't conform to traditional expectations of witches
To my black witches, my male witches, my trans, asexual, non binary, queer, hispanic, Jewish, Christian, Middle Eastern, atheistic, Indigenous, plus sized, skinny, mentally ill, disabled, shy, urban, peppy, tech savvy, and non-Wiccan witches. Here’s to you all, for being important and valid member...
homestuck snowman My art humanstuck the felt panel redraw I love that hat to this day it's a damn shame I have nowhere to wear it pls fullview I am a proud
homestuck music mspa tunes hs Please signal boost or help out!!!
Skyrim myedits q the elder scrolls skyrimedit i wanted to do a skyrim gifset again so this was fitting happy birthday my favourite video game ever
THANK YOU FOR PLAYING. THE END.I remade my original homestuc...
homestuck Rose Lalonde CasentineArt casketches idek what the heck this pose is A+++ material am i right so much time to do things but no motivation the bane of my life i could have worked on this a bit more but ahh i am not a fasion designer btw
homestuck Dave Strider terezi pyrope Dirk Strider upd8 art homestuck upd8 CasentineArt i worked on this all day upd8 spoliers
Shoutout to mentally ill people who are dealing with side effects of psychiatric drugs. You are all strong and amazing and I hope that the bad symptoms will go away soon and your medication will have a good effect on your mental health and really help you in the long term. Also I love every single o...
homestuck Dave Strider Jade Harley John Egbert Rose Lalonde My art i spent all day yesterday fussing over these lol
When a videogame character calls you their friend:When a videogame character calls you their family: