• ????? honestly can I chill for once in my goddamn life abominaidan •
  • Me:okay brain, don't freak out, but we've come across a minor inconvenience
  • My shit brain, dousing itself in gasoline:unfortunate,

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  • Me:okay brain, don't freak out, but we've come across a minor inconvenience
  • My shit brain, dousing itself in gasoline:unfortunate,
everyone: january! all shows are back! woohooo! oncers:
YuGiOh Yu-Gi-Oh! honestly grif watches duel monsters
mine lyrics paola i guess Huh also you can thank me later the neighbourhood my typography lyricsedit nbhdedit modernmythnet thelitnet insponet finally an excuse to use that bottom picture i've had it in my drafts for ages honestly though i love that song it's my favourite off of their mixtape that and 'silver' and 'unfair' also goddamn this could be rovinksy now that i think about it okay sure let's do that rovinksy lowkey hardcore cal x rob did i just say 'lowkey hardcore?' i really do need to get more sleep okay i'm rambling again but yeah listen to this song it's a+ trust me
story time: presidential edition
so you know how everyone has a storyyou knowlike the storylike if you’re at a party and someone turns to you and says, tell the storyand you know exactly what they meanthe storywell i have a storyand not unlike most good stories, it involves three key components:barack obamapre-2008 reebok sneakers ...
I need a new adventure in my life
1k the hobbit Mine: lotr bilbo baggins Thranduil Thorin i fail at life an unexpected jorney
ten minutes into “conspiracy theories & chill” and we start gettin illuminaughty
edit move on mads mikkelsen i'm sorry there is no agenda behind this gifset well apart from urgent message at your general direction if you're not watching move on than i don't know what you're doing with your life should i tag this as porn? i think i should so i've been preparing stuff for my au gifset and I GOT GODDAMN DISTRACTED and can i basically gif every scene because I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED TO DO SO and i think i will and please can you come to my wedding (sad cackle which wedding) and do all those things because i would very much not mind at all and basically i'm so crossed with you i just wanted few scenes for my au and i ended up visually compromised by everything you do in this movie and i think you're goddamn sickness like ppl can't watch stuff with you just like that but they end up practically DEVOURING EVERYTHING THERE IS WITH YOU IN IT eugh just oh god mental ruinage
* mygif bucky barnes capgif stucky catws catfa sebuttchinstan otp: but i knew him buckye buckykisses i honestly need to calm the fuck down i dont know what is wrong with me chill teddy yOU GOTTA CHILL WITH THIS SHIT FUCK
mygifs school oxford skyporn
supernatural dean winchester sam winchester Jensen Ackles ' Jared Padalecki my boys that's me in the corner that's me in the spotlight losing my religion i was gonna write a bunch of stuff but this seemed more appropriate no i didnt do this with my eyes closed this scene was very dark leave me alone also can we have a moment for season one and that goddamn pilot dont look at me