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How Black People Can Avoid Being Murdered

Here I have compiled a handy list of ways us colored can appear less threatening Black people may avoid being murdered or beat or abused by racist cops and/or racist, crazed vigilantes (maybe, if we’re lucky):

1. Don’t wear a hoodie when it rains (Trayvon Martin).
2. Don’t go shopping in Walmart (John Crawford).
3. Don’t cosplay/wear costumes (Darrien Hunt).
4. Don’t sleep on the couch in your home (Aiyana Jones).
5. Don’t run in a public place (Darrin Manning).
6. Don’t play your music loud in your car (Jordan Davis).
7. Don’t play with toy guns (Tamir Rice).
8. Don’t be big and/or “threatening” (Mike Brown, Eric Garner).
9. Don’t reach for your wallet (Amadou Diallo).
10. Don’t ride public transportation (Oscar Grant).
11. Don’t be falsely accused of stealing (Kendrec McDade).
12. Don’t take food to your children (Rumain Brisbon).
13. Don’t live in or visit a rich, nice neighborhood (Robbie Tolan).
14. Don’t knock on a White person’s door (Renisha McBride).
15. Don’t hold your baby while in your home (Tarika Wilson).
16. Don’t go to a bachelor party, even your own (Sean Bell).
17. Don’t protest, even peacefully (everyone Black, ever).
18. Don’t carry a pill bottle (Rumain Brisbon).
19. Don’t walk with your hands in your pockets (Brandon McKean).
20. Don’t pick up your kids, and don’t know your rights (Chris Lollie).
21. Don’t reach for your identification during a traffic stop (Jamal Jones).
22. Don’t be in your own home, doing absolutely no wrong (Kathryn Johnston).
23. Don’t inspect your newly purchased property with your brother (Garrick and Carl Hopkins).
24.Don’t date a White person (Daniele Watts, Chris Wright).
25. Don’t be in a public place (Rekia Boyd).
26. Don’t hang out with your White friends alone (Brandon McClelland).
27. Don’t carry a spatula (Seretha Hall).
28. Don’t hold a candy bar (Andre Burgess).
29. Don’t let yourself get murdered by a cop purposely running you over (Tamon Robinson).
30. Don’t visit your children (Akai Gurley).
31. Don’t attend a protest, even when you’re being abused (Dornella Conner).

This is a short list of things you can do, if you’re Black, to avoid being harassed or murdered or beaten by racist police or vigilantes or White ‘friends’.

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