• How to Escape a Hair Grab Sistas. Watch, Learn and Practice with Your Friends. black women self defense protect yourselves sistas alwaysbewoke •

How to Escape a Hair Grab Sistas. Watch, Learn and Practice with Your Friends.


it’s important to practice not just look. practice.

#selfdefense #protectyourselves #protectblackwomen

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I support/love/am here for/stand up for/protect black women.
white girls be like: 'DON'T YOU MEAN ALL WOMEN?'
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The United States of America, as both a state and a criminal enterprise, has proven time and time again throughout its entire 238-year histo...
People don't like when sistas love ourselves, including black men
“O noes da black womenz be havin self esteemz and gettin da complimentz now we can’t haz dat!!”
1k Stalker maggie q **gifs beth davis mqedit stalkeredit maggie's the queen xoxo i'd like to take a self defense class from her pls i'm all of the women in the last gif
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