• hq volleyball otakuthon haikyu haikyuu Haikyuu!! kagehina IwaOi asanoya con merch daisuga tsukkiyama my gay children im so happy with how these turned out! cabooose •
Yellow Tulip = Hopelessly in Love
Gladiolus = Strength of CharacterAmaryllis Flowers = Dramatic
Begonia = Deep ThoughtsSunflower = Adoration

And my Haikyuu Charms have been finished sent in! 

I hope to have these ready for Otakuthon and then hopefully have them for FanExpo as well! After the 10th of August, I’ll be putting up any left overs in my storenvy

Once I receive the charms I’ll pop up a picture of them with the straps! 

If these do well I’m hoping to add at least KurooKen and KiyoYachi to the mix!!

(Click on them for the type of flower and meaning <3)

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