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  • What she says:I'm fine.
  • What she means:Why was Beast Boy's origin never fully explored in Teen Titans? And for that matter, what is the actual extent/true nature of his powers? Is he just a particularly-skilled shape shifter who favors the forms of various types of earthly wildlife, or is he actually somehow restricted to only taking the forms of animals that he's seen? And if the latter is the case, how is it that he's able to transform into a tyrannosaur? Has he seen one before? How old is he? Is he even mortal? Does he even age? I need to know
Other people and Cartoon Network themselves don’t seem to understand WHY people hate Teen Titans Go
If you bring up TTG and your dislike of it, you’re either greeted with people who agree with you, or people who say ‘You’re living in the past’ or ‘It’s a KIDS show get over it’ or ‘This is different, it’s not meant to be taken seriously’This is what people and Cartoon Network themselves fail to und...
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