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I am a Person with Social Anxiety.

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“You can solve your anxiety disorder just by facing anxieties” “Anxiety isn’t a real disorder” “You look fine on the outside, therefore your anxieties don’t exist and you’re mentally fine on the inside”
Dear People of Tumblr,
We are not sorry. Love, The Supernatural Fandom
I say that I “hate people” but really I’m just too lazy to say “My social anxiety makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and awkward around other people therefore I find it difficult to socialize with them.”
Awkward introverts social anxiety Sometimes I get really frustrated with myself because TALKING.
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  • me in public:
  • me in the halls:
  • me in a crowd:
  • me when I meet someone new:
  • me at parties:
  • me in class:
  • me when someone tries to make small talk:
  • me at family gatherings:
  • ...
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