• I distance myself from people because they're temporary thats why im antisocial i hate starting over maarksavage •

I distance myself from people because they're temporary

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I distance myself from people because they're temporary
daria 90s loner i hate people antisocial hate people how i feel about people
No, fuck you. I was worth it.
justin bored.
gifs fifth harmony camila cabello and this is why i love her so much she literally had this one sided heart to heart conversation to over 9k people live and some people really need this and it's so important and especially the introverted part like thats really important she's always been like that and i dont think thats a trait that really goes away and its not really a bad thing either shes definetly changed so much and you can tell if you look back at xfactor camila theyre so different but its such a good different and its so amazing oh my god LIKE listen she used to not be able to speak up in a room and now shes performing in front of thousands of people this is literally character development at its finest and iTS so ncie to be able to witness it change is inevitable and i always knew she wasnt gonna stay the same im just glad she blossomE D so well its so inspiring shes honestly my favorite person on this whole planet and i think part of the reason why i love her os much and why i favor her is because i relate to her a lot aNywas my mama said i gotta come home right now immediETLLY ITS 5 am i hate ymlselfj bye
my chemical romance mcr I NEED YOU GUYS My life is over thats the end WHY??????????????
rain my stuff FT Island im sad thats why i make sad gifs :(
pop punk merch basement pale Basement Uk basement hoodie the beach was delightful but im so fucking sad and i dont know why
gif Demi Lovato naya rivera Adam Lambert hes gay im starting to ship adam and demi and thats not ok i wish he wasnt
1k tweets k bye charlie mcdonnell charlieissocoollike now im going on hiatus goodbye i logged on cause i wanted to edit his picture hes so adorable thats why
Zayn mallik here u go spankingmalik i think u used to follow me but you unfollowed me when i unfollwed u lol anyway thats why im tagging yoo