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i don't even know hannibal hannibaledit
1k 2k my graphics 500 hannibal hannibal lecter mads mikkelsen hannibaledit hannibalplus why am i making so many gifs these days i don't even know i guess i don't have much else to do at home after work lol hooray for superficial gifsets
mine hannibal hannibal lecter nbc hannibal hannibaledit hannibal meme Hannibalmeme there is a huge amount of shirts I know even though personally my favourite looks are the nightgown and the red sweater he looks much more attractive in them and I don't even dig Mads that much
hannibal hannibal lecter hannibaledit lmao this took me so long. is someone even awake at this hour? we just don't know.
:( hannibal mads mikkelsen i don't know how to tag this hannibaledit nbchannibal crack? comic? this is a silly post but I'm just super frustrated that both Hannibal and Mads didn't get any nominations. comic crack emmy sucks!
“Because the triangle between Will and Hannibal and Alana is very much alive and something to be explored. And is explored in episode ten in a very sexy way." ~ Bryan Fuller [x]
2k my graphics hannibal hannibal lecter mads mikkelsen hannibaledit lectermeme i really really love this outfit i don't know why maybe the hair's a part of it
*gif hannibal hannibal lecter i don't even know anymore mads mikkelsen hugh dancy will graham [7] we broke up photoshop and I
mine hannibal fire! i dunno man nbc hannibal hannibaledit abigail hobbs mine:hannibal murder family water! i don't really know what happened here EARTH! BY YOUR POWERS COMBINED I AM CAPTAIN PLANET
popular take photoshop away from me i don't know what i'm doing hannibal hannibal lecter editgif mads mikkelsen hannibaledit madsmikkelsenedit THIS IS CRACK OR SOMETHING IDK pls don't judge me my silly  little mind hannimikkelsen
mine food hannibal hannibal lecter nbc hannibal hannibaledit he-ate-us i'm fine with it also alana is in here somewhere i guess i still would be fan even if two whole seasons were just him cooking i know i have problems
mine gif2 hannibal hugh dancy will graham hannibaledit gif: hannibal what i know is that this show has a lot of beautiful shots and i cry about the because prettiness i'm not even caught up yet opss