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I feel like this is something Lin Manuel needs to hear

Bear with me. linmanuel thefederalistfreestyle publius-esquire

I have been talking about my grandmother a lot this past week or so, and here I am talking about her again. But this needs to be shared.

Today is her 88th birthday, and while I helped her get ready for the day, I put on Hamilton.

Now, my grandmother knows what Hamilton is - I never shut up about it, and she was able to catch the Modern Major General reference a few days ago (reference post)

My grandmother was also a performer - a tap dancer, before WW2 came and she had to get a job as a wartime secretary to support her sister after their parents were killed. 

She loves musicals, but what just happened was special. 

We were halfway through listening to Helpless when my grandmother turned to me, crying. I panicked, obviously, before she grabbed my arm with a strength she hasn’t shown in years.

“I can’t believe I made it to this.”

Now, I thought she was referring to being 88 (Her parents died before 40, her younger sister at 67), but after a couple of moments of discussion, my grandmother hit me with a bombshell.

My grandmother has seen things. She was born the year Showboat first premiered. She saw the original Oklahoma! in Boston and she sold her mother’s wedding ring to go to New York with my mother to see A Chorus Line. 

And as a 15 minute conversation I just had with my grandmother states, “I can’t believe I lived long enough to see another piece of history.”

This woman has lived through World War 2, Korea, Vietnam, The Nixon Administration, 9/11, and the first African American president. Her husband grew up in the deep south, and both were targets of scrutiny during the McCarthy era. 

And this show, this beautiful little show about the Founding Fathers, is history to her.

Not a good piece of art, not great music, but history.

I’m curious, bear with me
Are you aware that we’re making history?

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