• i just found this photo and i am not ok thats really cool though heathers-rivera •
i just found this photo and i am not ok thats really cool though

Family added a sandbox to their baby’s grave so big brother could “play with” him when they visit the cemetery

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i just found this photo and i am not ok thats really cool though
stop fucking reblogging this akaperfect STOP ITS A JOKE ITS NOT MU POST I'm just gonna put an explanation in the tags okay so Carson texted me this and I was like haha i just reblogged this cause I had just reblogged this post at the time and so i posted it for like one second and I thought it would be ok because no one ever reblogs my posts but of course people reblogged it and now it has notes and I am really sorry bc im not trying to steal this post at all I am really upset and I feel bad so that is all I am going to say please do not reblog this
tsukishima kei haikyuu kageyama tobio Haikyuu!! tanaka ryuunosuke trtgifs mine:haikyuu i just really like this shot ok aND KAGEYAMA LOOKS SO COOL MASKDMKSDFM
my gifs but still mads mikkelsen Charlie Countryman this is the only thing I am doing tonight I actually liked this movie even though it was sort of strange? BUT IT WAS REALLY PRETTY and I'm not just talking about mads whatever I hat ehim and his stupid legs because jesus christ
LOL funny haha omg lmfao joke ok bye lolz just saying scottzzzz you know im joking I LOVE YOUR BLOG AND YOU i just found this funny not being serious id3fined0p3 SCOTT I LOVE YOU OK
naruto uchiha itachi narutographic thank you hemingway for this quote i just really like itachi's character a lot most of the time people are just concentrating on how 'cool' he was with his amazing jutsu and sharingan and what not all the skill in the world could make up for the things he had to go through i am sad i hate you itachi i hate you so much
gifs fifth harmony camila cabello and this is why i love her so much she literally had this one sided heart to heart conversation to over 9k people live and some people really need this and it's so important and especially the introverted part like thats really important she's always been like that and i dont think thats a trait that really goes away and its not really a bad thing either shes definetly changed so much and you can tell if you look back at xfactor camila theyre so different but its such a good different and its so amazing oh my god LIKE listen she used to not be able to speak up in a room and now shes performing in front of thousands of people this is literally character development at its finest and iTS so ncie to be able to witness it change is inevitable and i always knew she wasnt gonna stay the same im just glad she blossomE D so well its so inspiring shes honestly my favorite person on this whole planet and i think part of the reason why i love her os much and why i favor her is because i relate to her a lot aNywas my mama said i gotta come home right now immediETLLY ITS 5 am i hate ymlselfj bye
my gifs by me Teen Wolf derek hale tyler hoechlin by me: teen wolf idk i made this a while ago and i just found it sitting on my computer he just looks really hot here ok
I AM SORRY Title Fight floral green ok cool this one sucks
like woo i started late ok this and pokemon and magic school bus they need to make a college version of it though motherboard hacker's trying to change the basic rules of trig let's go stop his dastardly plans aww yeah we're using ipods now josie muses
mine dramione draco x hermione dhr hpedit dhredit for some reason adding captions isn't working????????????? idk why im very confused but i tried like 10 times and its not working so no caption 4 this ok but this was requested by fran so wooo!!!! this is really ugly though sigh
gif YouTube 1000 5000 Anna Kendrick 2000 youtubers pitch perfect flula Hello sir pitch perfect 2 Flula Borg i got far too excited about this its so cool though THATS FLULA and that mesh shirt though