• i just want someone to be crazy about me, im tired of being the crazy one me love relationships crazy crazy about you crazy about me yourfavfuckboy •

i just want someone to be crazy about me, im tired of being the crazy one

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* about me finally gifing some davey he is crazy cat guy I am a crazy cat lady so i'm guessing we are soulmates Dave Franco *davey
love movies relationships like crazy waiting for you being in love what have you been doing?
izaya orihara durarara!! manga caps Drrr Izaya you crazy asshole love me
If I had a dollar for every time I’ve felt more emotions towards a fictional character than I do towards people I know in real life, I would probably have enough money to pay for the psychiatric help I obviously need.
love drawing cute i love you i want you i like you i think i love you you drive me crazy you give me butterflies i think i like you The things you do to me oh the things you do to me
** klaine kurt hummel glee Darren Criss blaine anderson chris colfer glee* otp: I'm crazy about you
quotes movies like crazy
gif britney spears (you drive me) crazy (the stop remix)
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1k my gifs 2 chuck chuck bartowski chuck x sarah sarah walker mine 6 otp: I'm crazy about you megan is watching chuck ch*s2
One Direction Zayn Malik * 1D lyrics yay i love it stuck on stupid myedtis
love couple girl Black and White movie Ryan Gosling boy emma stone ' crazy stupid love Don't Go let me gangster squad