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don’t you miss the days when we didn’t have to be so politically correct all the time?
spoilers my stuff chef Darren Evans Princess Isabella and this scene killed me galavant galavantedit karen david galavant spoilers mine: galavant look I know this probably needs more context but I'm lazy both episodes were amazing he's just so angry/annoyed
My art don't mind me opm one punch man saigenos I'm a bag of angst I feel for my little toaster and his struggle
  • White ppl to all Blacks:Shaniqua
  • White ppl to all Hispanics:Pedro
  • White ppl to all Asians:Sing Sue
  • White ppl to all Arabs:Ahmad
  • POC:Becky
  • White people:omg that is so racist how dare u
My art fire ? my comics long post bumnum pimkin what's this??? me??? drawing a comic??? spam messages I have been getting at least five of these per week and am legit annoyed @staff fucking fix this instead of screwing shit up p le ase I'm sorry for being kind of inactive art wise guys been a little stressed out hah;; not much time or energy to draw I should really start uploading my art to my art only blog instead of just reblogging it there
yall hate on girls who wear makeup correctly yall hate on girls who wear makeup incorrectly yall hate on girls who dont wear makeup????????????????
Some Monday morning annoyed Samoyed grumbles Instagram.com...
*gives someone i like some attention* damn they prolly think im obsessed with them lemme chill
mine friends rachel green ross geller gif* friendsedit smh fake as hell
lt hq 18.1.16 im annoyed w tumblr
at least he being nice to the dog smh
july 94th...still no sign of frank’s album
morale is low, food is scarce, send help