• I’ll never not be amused by the fact that I can drop the words “crucifix nail nipples” into a conver... I'm happy to say it has remained the worst thing I have ever edited and I have edited some shitty porn in my time on this earth thebibliosphere •

I’ll never not be amused by the fact that I can drop the words “crucifix nail nipples” into a conversation and some of you who have been with me since the livejournal days will join me in the flashbacks, screaming and crying all the way.

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HOW THE FUCK HASN’T TUMBLR FOUND THIS YEt What the fuck did you just fucki...
Pronouns I have encountered in no particular order
she/her/hers/herself he/him/his/himself ne/nem/neir/neirself it/it/its/itself (this one to be used ONLY IF YOU’RE EXPLICITLY TOLD THAT IT IS OKAY) ze/zir/zirs/zirself zhe/zhim/zhir/zhirself ce/cir/cirs/cirself hir/hir/hirs/hirself xe/hir/hirs/hirself ey/eim/eir/eirself ve/vir/virs/virself xe/x...
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1k MY EDIT ouat Emma Swan cs graphic ouatedit csedit emmaswanedit myemma self-sufficient I AM EMOTION the duckling brigade mycs yes she fell in love but she still remained independent and unafraid the only difference is now she's not alone and she has someone to encourage and support her in being all of these things so if you're about to say something like that please rethink and don't i had my itunes on shuffle and this came on and it's kinda perfect for emma? she finally let her walls down and realised that love and letting another person in isn't a bad thing it's beautiful and one of the best things you can do cs crew
film mine Keira Knightley james mcavoy atonement i couldn't resist Saoirse Ronan vanessa redgrave i know i know just what the internet needs another atonement edit this film has been edited to death but... it's SO PRETTEH
pacific rim Striker Eureka rob kazinsky chuck hansen herc hansen Max Martini omg ive never seen this picture i dont think it's ever appeared in the tags??? it somehow popped up while i was searching for pictures of herc with his arm in a sling so i edited it and heRE HAVE SOME HOT SON AND HOT DAD
goodbye brother
don’t worship people. i’m serious. no matter how good they sound, how popular they are, how stinging their comebacks are, how moral they seem—do not worship people. this is something that tumblr does constantly, and whether it starts as a joke or not it ends with many people taking...
* kpop exo EXO-M exo m Lay yixing idek how to feel about this i kinda really like it but  oh well two weeks without touching photoshop how do i live i finished the essay too so eheheheh anyway whoever requested this i hope you like it because i haven't edited yixing's face in forever one request down nine more to go have i ever mentioned that yixing has a very very prominent profile? because he does oh he does where is lien i'm dedicating this to her because of her encouragement and fabulousness ok
Harry Styles One Direction * mine Graphic 10k bye this is the worst graphic i can ever make *drops everything and runs away* i should spend more time on my project instead if these shitty edits have anyone done this yet *has wtf shut up roxie
Arctic Monkeys + Nick o'Malley she speaks full view the pics please bc the way he keeps his feet together is the cutest part oh my god it seems like he tries not to take up too much space all the time and that makes me sad but at the same time it is very Cute this is the most important post i have ever made he's so cute i'm Gone
1k mine queue F.R.I.E.N.D.S chandler bing Monica Geller Courteney Cox Matthew Perry mondler Chandler and Monica i'm on a mondler high friendsedit This - to me - is the MOST romantic thing. Ever. I mean - they respond to 'I love you' with 'I know'. Do you realize how secure and happy and *in love* two people would have to be to respond as contentedly as these two do? This is it. This is love in its most pure and unadulterated form.