• I’m simultaneously worried for and disgusted by my country tonight. I don’t care who his opponents a... politics gop Republicans donald trump republican party super tuesday 2016 Election presidential politics 2016 Republican Presidential nomination deadpresidents •

I’m simultaneously worried for and disgusted by my country tonight. I don’t care who his opponents are -- Donald Trump shouldn’t be the first choice for this many Americans.

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  • Republicans:Lol. Gay people are abominations to God. They'll ruin marriage.
  • Republicans:Women don't need birth control or abortions, Rape is a miracle you sluts.
  • Republicans:Black people just want Obama because he'll give them more food stamps
  • Republicans:illegal Immigrants? Why don't we just discriminate against them so badly they'll deport themselves
  • Republicans:Poor people..? LOLLLLLLLLLL
  • Republicans:Muslims, atheist and all non-christians should get their sick beliefs away from our children.
  • Republicans on November 6th, 2012:Wait. How come nobody voted for us?
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Election day fuckery courtesy of the GOP
Surprising exactly no one, there have been many reports of problems at polling places today, particularly in swing states. It’s also clear that most of these efforts to frustrate, confuse, and trick voters are being done for the benefit of Republican candidates. Undermining the democratic proc...
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