• I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm sorry infermon •

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I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm sorry
i’m sorry but every time i see this post i just
mitakihara thug lyfe i'm sorry fandom i'm sorry
sad sorry i'm sorry fuckup so sorry
“A love triangle heats up among Marley, Jake and Ryder”
life sad quotes hurt fuck up sorry life quotes i'm sorry I'm so sorry hurting everyone
It started on ice with Lewis watching Simon… And it ended in ice, with Simon watching Lewis forever…
Dear Mommy and Daddy, I'm sorry i turned out to be such a big disappointment, i'm sorry i fail at ev...
martin freeman i'm sorry I'm so sorry no what am i saying i'm not sorry at all hahahahahahahahaha *rage
Meus ): i'm sorry i'm so so sorry
The Finchel fandom saying that Ryan is spoiling the Klaine fandom because of Come What May is like Dudley saying Harry was spoiled because he got to move from the cupboard under the stairs to a real fucking bedroom.
can this just be a weekly thing because i need an excuse to post all of these pictures and i have quite a few and i can’t just leave them to sit on my computer forever never seeing the light of tumblr and it’s not like anyone will appreciate these anywhere else also can i j...