• i miss you 10k hello terribly cherrybam •
i miss you 10k hello terribly

by: cherrybam; pic: guibapoeta

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i miss you 10k hello terribly
i miss you miss hi i miss you hi hello hey I miss him hello i love you hi i love you i miss us hey i miss you hey i lovve you
You should’ve kept fighting for me, but you didn’t because it was easier for you to give up rather than try to be with me again.
Here In Your Arms
Hellogoodbye  Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!
well you are the one, the one that lies close to me whispers hello, i miss you q...
terribly bored i need a life with friends hello where r friends
love goodbye sad hurt alone broken i miss you bullshit lies hello heart break just friends risk broken dreams goodbye forever can't lose you again
1k *gif star trek spock space husbands James T. Kirk spirk star trek into darkness trekedit OTP: I have been and always shall be your friend you know which one i miss these two holy shit i blame that fanart because it was so accurate it even got the bubble butt and pine's really small hands (yeah okay i stared at it) anyway: colors! though i'm sorry i terribly fucked up the green ones eh how do you green that jellyfish scene incidentally i also changed sidebars
1k Grey's Anatomy Sandra Oh greys anatomy kevin mckidd gif: ga cast gif: sandra oh
Small Hands
Keaton Henson 
Miss you terribly already, miss the space between your eyelids. 
i miss you pop punk blink 182 mark hoppus tom delonge travis barker Punk Rock
i miss you miss i miss u
mine can't sleep missing you terribly wish you were with me