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i think i'm funny stupid humor

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i think i'm funny stupid humor
  • Friend:So what did you do last night?
  • Me:OMG I slept with my boyfriend!
  • Friend:WHAT!? You have a boyfriend!? Who is it?
  • Me:My bed.
  • Jesus:You are the salt of the earth-
  • Me:*is salty*
  • Jesus:No not like that
forever laughing because sasuke’s face is literally this D: and i’m just picturing him being a whiny teenager lol "wtf kakashi." "where the fuck did you get your other sharingan?" "it was my time to shine." "i was going to save sakura." "they were expecting a SASUsaku moment not KAK...
  • the fangirl life:i'm still alive but i'm barely breathing.
funny batman humor comic dark knight I THINK IM FUNNY batman the ride buffasaurus thememorycardisfull
* fall out boy i think i'm funny
Zooey Deschanel siri I think I'm funny.
Jennifer Lawrence is like a Tumblr user who somehow went outside and got famous and now she’s just confused
famous sponge bob i think i'm funny
"Alright boys this next scam I got cooking up will get us over 17,000 jawbreakers!"  "Sounds promising. What is it this time, Eddy?"   "Dashcon."