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I want to share about what happened Sunday, April 13th!


I have met Taylor several times since 2007. She knew who I was before Sunday (I want to clear this up from some  of the articles being posted.) In September at the last Red show in Nashville, I told Taylor I was engaged. She was so excited for me and took the “ring” picture and signed the card for Bryan & I. She asked me to “remind her about the wedding.”

A few weeks ago I sent Taylor a bridal shower invite and wedding save the date and told her I didn’t have wedding invites yet. I was anxiously waiting to see if she would ever get the cards. 

April 13:

I was in the hallway waiting for a friend to come who was lost looking for the room. I saw a girl coming toward me with a huge basket and stared confused who she was because I didn’t recognize her right away. I just stared at her trying to figure out why she was coming into my room haha. When she got closer she said “hi.” and I RAN to her and said “OMG WHAT” and I turned and SCREAMED “Abbeye” 3 times. Abbeye said she thought I broke my ankle because I sounded panicked hahaha. When Taylor walked in everyone was so in shock- and she kindly took pictures with everyone. She told me she couldn’t make the wedding so she wanted to surprise me here. She seemed SO excited to be there. She said she was tired but she slept on the plane. I thought this was a hi and bye thing- and she told me she was staying the whole time. Then we all sat down and ate (Bryan pulled up a chair next to me for her because she asked if she could sit by me :) ) She asked what you do at a bridal shower and said she had never been to one. We both had on Jimmy Choos (I wore my wedding shoes!) This came up because she said “I like your shoes” and I told her they were Jimmy and she said “mine are too! These are my only pair too- we must have a thing.” and I said “Yeah- they are my only pair too.” and everyone laughed. Next I went up in front and opened gifts- Taylor’s was first only because they had put it right in front of my chair- we didn’t realize it was hers. She apologized for going overboard she said she wasn’t sure what to get! She said she checked my registry and wanted to get me my PB chandelier, but it was backordered, so she went to William Sonoma instead. She was SO excited to give me my mixer. She said she has the same one and it’s her favorite. I have ALWAYS wanted the red one. I don’t know if my reaction was excited- but everything was so overwhelming I was trying to process it all. But I want her to know I have always wanted the red one and my mom said “pick a fun color” but I always loved the red. My aunt got me the mint green one I had asked for but I assured Taylor I would use hers and it would be on display. :) I got a card that sang ‘Today was a Fairytale” and I knew it was a singing card so I just peeked in and she said “It’s okay you can open it” so I opened it  and sang over dramatically and everyone laughed and she covered her face. haha  After the gifts we got cake and coffee. Taylor said the cake was amazing. (She also tried buckeyes for the first time and loved them!) People started to ask for pictures again, and she continued to talk to everyone. She seemed so happy for me and asked me several questions about the wedding- I showed her my dress, the tables, my brooch bouquet, my boots. She said it is going to be a beautiful wedding and don’t be nervous! She said I handled myself well during the shower so don’t get stressed at the wedding. We took the pic holding the LOVE letters my mom made. She loved all of our decor (Including the pic of her and I) and she took pictures of everything to show her mom (She said). She loved the mason jar centerpieces Bryan made and said he is a walking pinterest! ha! She also videoed a lot of the shower so she could remember it. The theme was “Loving him IS red” and she loved that. She told me she had to get back to NYC because her friend (Gracie) was on an ice skating tour and she promised her she would be out to see her. Then she had to be at MTV. I thanked her and hugged her one last time and she whispered “I love you.” and I whispered “I love you bigger” she looked at me and smiled, then waved to everyone and left. 

I can’t even imagine what she spent to do all this for me. For the gifts, for the cost to use her private plane to get here and back. She was running on no sleep. I can’t comprehend why she would do this but it makes me adore her more than I ever thought I could. She made sure the day was about me (That is why she pulled me in everyone’s photos). She told me several times I looked beautiful. She wanted to meet my bridal party and my family. She gave me so many hugs and the way she looked at me I knew she loved me and cared about me. It meant the world to me. I think she really enjoyed a “normal’ day. I don’t know why she went out of her way to do something so amazing- but I appreciate it more than I can express. Kayla pointed out that the letter I wrote her in September I quoted “I’ve been afraid of changing cause I’ve built my life around you.” I think this was Taylor’s way of reminding me it’s okay to grow up and move on. I will always support her and she will always be in my life. The people who are meant to be in your life will always find a way to stay there. 

Thank you, Taylor. I love you bigger. xo

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