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enjoy this pic of me at 6teen

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I know when to stop. I know when to let things go. I know when to move on. But "I know" is different...
death depression quotes gorgeous dark ugly gross i wish i was pretty i wish i was beautiful beautiful pretty
gif lok mako i dont want another pretty face i dont want just anyone to hold i dont want my love to go to waste i want you and your beautiful soul you're the one i want to chase you're the i wanna hold i wont let another minute go to waste
confession time i have a deep, guilty love of Highschool AUs ?
love drawing cute i love you i want you i like you i think i love you you drive me crazy you give me butterflies i think i like you The things you do to me oh the things you do to me
once i convinced an american guy that purple (the color) didn’t exist in canada i pointed to someone’s purple shirt and asked him ‘what’s that?’ pretending that i had never seen that color before in my life.? he got so confused and then he got really intense and concern...
  • me:sees good art of otp
  • me:makes pterodactyl noises
i only wash my hair with bottled water ?
There are certain people on my dash that no matter how fucking far apart we are in fandoms now, I will never unfollow you ok. NEVER.
Remember in Mockingjay?
When Katniss rips out her ear piece? And Haymitch threatens her with the head shackle and the microchip ear piece? Could you imagine what would happen if Haymitch went ahead and had the microchip ear piece surgically put in and they never ended up taking it out? Katniss and Peeta could just be layin...
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