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this mun gives you permission to ask them any and all questions!
Send me a ? for an IC fact or send me a ? for an OOC fact.
mun vs muse Ic vs ooc
Fuck it, smile and move on. Being sad isn't gonna do shit.
Since it's Valentine's Day, send me anything regarding my character's love life, and I have to answe...
What was your first impression of me?
jennifer lawrence my stuff lol bye just gonna answer this request and really go
do you ever just
see a roleplayer on your dash and think about going to talk to them but then you’re like what if they hate me what if i’ll annoy them what if they’ll find me a peasant what if
ugh logan lerman john green the fault in our stars mia wasikowska antoscrap4 allow me to enjoy these last remaining months of tfios!dream cast before the movie gets made and nobody's gonna care to see these book casts kind of edits/gifsets cue all the annoying notifications of ppl saying logan lerman shouldn't play gus I keep listening to 'medicine' by Daughter and instant hazel/gus feels set in this ship is never going to stop hurting I hope the actors who will portray them will give me the same amount of feels the characters did in the book
Fullmetal Alchemist alphonse elric
what if Gravity Falls-stuck what if Prospit Mabel and Derse Dipper what if GrunkleStansprite what if Soossprite