•                      And when we fuck                        you don’t mind my s c a r s      ... idek HM shh !musings salvatit •

                     And when we fuck

                       you don’t mind my s c a r s

           you trace them with your fingertips

                     and make me forget why they’re there

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doctor who mine Billie Piper Rose Tyler ten dwedit yeah shh idek okay?
Harry Styles HM appearances: 2012 first edit on my new laptop idek if it looks good
my eating habits are so horrible how am i still alive: an autobiography
“why am i so cold?” i ask myself as i continue to drink cold beverages
os ciumentos faz hm. ah. hm.
wait is that the ”(????)” fucking christ
ok so if the entire Homestuck fandom actually entered the medium, think of how much prototyping that is
i love Fall Out Boy bc you have quotes like “you are what you love, not who loves you” but then you also have really assholeish lyrics like “let’s play this game called when you catch fire, i wouldn’t piss to put you out” and that’s beautiful i love Fall Out...
a Homestuck AU where everything is the same except Kankri is just as sexual as Damara
When you find good merchandise of your favorite series and then you look at the price
gif hannah montana HM