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  • gandalf:hey i just met you.
  • gandalf:and this is crazy.
  • gandalf:but i am looking for someone to share in an adventure so i'm gonna scratch a symbol in your door and tell some dwarves that you're a great burglar and they can count on you to be a perfect 14th companion on their quest to travel across miles of dangerous land and through goblin caverns and a forest full of giant spiders all so they can maybe kind of come up with some way to kill an enormous dragon and reclaim a load treasure lost a really long time ago because they are dwarves i guess don't ask me how they operate i am a wizard.
  • gandalf:so join me maybe.
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                     And when we fuck                        you don’t mind my s c a r s            you trace them with your fingertips                      and make me forget why they’re there
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*seduces you with marvel movies*
i can never decide if i care too much or not at all
Head cannon that mermaids use sign language instead of spoken words, because who the heck can hear people talking under water.
  • secret government agent:*punches me in the face* say it
  • me:never
  • secret government agent:say that channing tatum is attractive
  • me:*spits in their face* fuck you
i’d rather post my secrets out to tons of strangers online than tell anyone at school
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