• if at 12:01am your time you don't start playing Still Alive by Big Bang I am judging you Korea kpop Big Bang vip still alive you made it so y'all better be playing this all over the subways and the stores and just about everywhere shoutouts to Big Bang for making our survival song maylinie •

if at 12:01am your time you don't start playing Still Alive by Big Bang I am judging you

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if at 12:01am your time you don't start playing Still Alive by Big Bang I am judging you
me LOL s3 sherlock MY EDIT martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch TBBT The Big Bang Theory bbc sherlock johnlock kunal nayyar 1000notes 5000notes 100notes 10000notes his last vow 20000notes raj koothrapali so i was watching big bang theory and... haha this was the first thing that came to my head! worked on this for agess! y'all better appreciate it!
my gif crazy Big Bang vip alive tour i'm a few hours early but ALL THESE EMOTIONS i can't believe tonight is the last night of alive tour i am so proud :')
love you all i love the entire fandom i dont care how wild we can get and how many arguments are probs happening right now lmao please dont attack each other over the pairings that became canon GIANT GROUP HUG AAHH
kpop my stuff Seungri Big Bang lee seunghyun i love this outfit so much bang bang bang damn the colors are all messed up ths was such a bitch to color but the lighting was all over the place
Big Bang f2ne1 edit goodbye stage
MY EDIT miley cyrus The Hunger Games happy birthday The Last Song hannah montana forever hannah montana 7 things miley stewart when i look at you party in the usa the climb fly on the wall start all over LOL: Laughing Out Loud hannah montana the movie who owns my heart the big bang So undercover the time of our lives cant be tamed happy birthday miley cyrus happy 20th birthday miley happy birthday miley The Backyard Sessions
Seungri Big Bang daesung top taeyang g-dragon vip bb5forlife last post i think for 2011 most reblog
Seungri Big Bang gdragon daesung taeyang gd t.o.p g-dragon made bigbang vip YG d:gifs d:works made tour I'm still bitter about europe lol d:bigbang
gif The Big Bang Theory sheldon cooper leonard hofstadter 500 s7 shelnard the proton transmogrification You wait seven seasons for a Shelnard hug and then you get two in less than twenty minutes THIS IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF.
giveaway Panda kpop G Dragon Seungri Big Bang top taeyang gd t.o.p g-dragon jiyong Kwon Jiyong Kpop Giveaway vi choi seunghyun bigbang korean vip seunghyun Dong Youngbae vvip choi seung hyun youngbae Dong Young Bae BIGBANG Giveaway seung ri V.I.P GD&TOP GD & TOP
1k edits sigh Seungri Big Bang daesung top taeyang g-dragon whatever bb I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH is that quote too long lol