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If I was Dating you... Finish the rest in my ask and let me know.

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If I was Dating you... Finish the rest in my ask and let me know.
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How much I like it:¬†actual cause of global warming | notp | don’t care | it’s okay | cute! | otp | MY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN "Their" song: Who does more housework: What couple cosplay they should do: Who cried watching Toy Story 3: Who hogs the blankets at night: What they fight about:¬† Who ...
1. The meaning behind my URL? 2. A picture of me ?3. Why I love my bestfriend ?4. Last time I cried and why ?5. Piercings I have? 6. Favorite Band ?7. Biggest turn off(s) ?8. Top 5 (insert subject) ?9. Tattoos I want 10. Biggest turn on(s)? 11. Age ?12. Ideas of a perfect date ?13. Life goal(s)? 14....
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'Cause I have nothing better to do with my life rn.
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collects rocks takes pictures of the other while they’re asleep gets drunk and breaks shit can’t swim remembers to feed the fish puts up Christmas decorations in November sends inappropriate texts and SnapChats while the other is in a meeting makes Sims just to drown them in the pool br...
MUSIC ASKS 1: A song you like with a color in the title 2: A song you like with a number in the title 3: A song that reminds you of summert...
  • 1:where are you from?
  • 2:how old are you?
  • 3:when is your birthday?
  • 4:what is your favorite music genre?
  • 5:religious?
  • 6:do you believe in ghosts?
  • 7:would you want to be immortal?
  • 8:favorite book?
  • ...
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0: Height 1: Virgin? 2: Shoe size 3: Do you smoke? 4: Do you drink? 5: Do you take drugs? 6: Age you get mistaken for 7: Have tattoos? 8: Want any tattoos? 9: Got any piercings? 10: Want any piercings? 11: Best friend? 12: Relationship status 13: Biggest turn ons 14: Biggest turn offs 15: Favorite m...
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