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Fashion Illustrations Highlight Accessories with Vibrant Embroidery Accents by Izziyana Suhaimi

Singapore-based artist  Izziyana Suhaimi composes stunning pencil and watercolor fashion illustrations with the unconventional inclusion of embroidery. By showcasing certain accents in womenswear, such as hats, hair clips and other accessories, Suhaimi gives each piece an extra dimension by adding texture and bright colors. Her designs depict an abstract creation, pattern becomes a focal point, instead of her drawings. 

The  pieces also pay homage to the meticulous and time consuming task that is embroidery, which highlights her education on design. Each stitch is a careful representation of time and the physical work of costume or gown making, which includes, stitching, cutting, repairing and building. 

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Illustration art featured crafts embroidery mixed media Izziyana Suhaimi
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