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Fashion Illustrator Creates New Sensational Cut-Out Dresses Using Everyday Objects

Fashion illustrator Edgar Artis (previously featured here) creates beautiful cuts outs of dresses by using a wide variety of everyday objects and backdrops creatively. The Armenian artist has perfected his signature style of using a wide assortment of objects ranging from feathers to pasta to make beautiful dresses.

Another fascinating technique this artist applies is by cutting the silhouette of the design itself on paper. The empty space is a perfect frame which uses the background to make a sensational print and texture for the dress that no ordinary pencil could recreate. These dresses take up the sky, a rose brush, buildings, fireworks and even a blazing fire - giving his elegant fashion designs a realistic edge.

Gifted with an eye to see the true potential of ordinary artifacts all around us, Edgar Artis finds a way to let his imagination wander and leaves his art literally open to all possibilities. Taking a seldom followed route by fashion illustrators, he doesn’t decide what should become the fabric or the print of his model’s garment. Instead, he surprises himself at every turn by letting the world deliver its best colors, palettes and shapes to his styles. His open-minded art transforms the average into phenomenal and takes what is often ignored and turns it into a fashion masterpiece.

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