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Urban Cityscapes Blanketed In Light And Darkness As Oil Paintings

Artist Jeremy Mann (previously featured here) creates oil based paintings that reflect the mercurial nature of light within cityscapes. Using the ever present artificial lightings and imposing silhouettes of skyscrapers as a framework to show the urban landscape, the artist plays with the natural light of dawn and dusk that seep within the city and cloud it in a blanket of mystery or calm. The obscure patches of oil paints are brushed on as multiple layers, some detailed and strong, other textured or smooth which makes the scene appear as fusion of multiple images imposed together.

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Melancholic Cityscape Oil Paintings by Jeremy Mann
Jeremy Mann, a San Francisco-based artist produces stunning, brooding cityscape oil pieces. To achieve an atmospheric setting composed of vague lines and structures, Mann uses a variety of techniques to set the scene. By applying wide gritty brushstrokes, an ink brayer, and the use of solvents to wi...
Illustration art popular life painting design featured cityscape culture oil painting paintings Jeremy Mann wordsnquotes
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Elaborate Drawings Demonstrate the Harm Humanity Has Caused the Earth
Drawn by the McCann Worldgroup from India, the Yin Yang series depicts the environmental disasters and harm caused by global warming. The illustrations are divided by the ancient Chinese symbol “Yin Yang” to demonstrate two polar opposites found in our existing environment. To complete the drawings ...
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Modern Corporate Logos Unified With Classical Art Paintings by Eisen Bernard
Filipino graphic designer Eisen Bernardo presents a 15 piece art series that integrates corporate logos with classical art. This creative endeavour taken by the artist explores consumerism through the eyes of art. He exhibits how expression adjusts with function, giving corporate design deeper artis...