• Illustration digital art Overwatch Zarya d.va aleksandra zaryanova hana song Overwatch outfit swap my newest self-meme Sockie draws a thing this was actually so much fun I'm off for the night but I'll get back to these tomorrow and Saturday sinksanksockie •
Illustration digital art Overwatch Zarya d.va aleksandra zaryanova hana song Overwatch outfit swap my newest self-meme Sockie draws a thing this was actually so much fun I'm off for the night but I'll get back to these tomorrow and Saturday

Alright so, I asked people to send me two Overwatch characters so that I could swap their outfits, and I got more than one reply. Which means THERE WILL BE MORE. And trust me, this one is cute but the rest are gonna be horrendous (for various reasons). I’m so excited. 

This lovely match-up brought to you by @miss-april-ego-radio . Thanks babe. 

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My art kings i was actually going to paint 'em dressed as princes but jesus christ i get lazy one day i will draw royalty ziam and the world will be great (also to the person who sent the tutorial ask) (i'll work on that later today and tomorrow so yeh)
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My art evangelion nge i spent hours on this and i have school tomorrow what a life but i'm glad to have finished it!! and yeah i might be crying a little because i love rei so much and i had such fun drawing all of them aah!! idk i'm going to bed now
I really do like my girl Jennifer Lawrence, but it’s super weird to me that so much of tumblr holds her up as the personification of this site and then boo hisses Kristen Stewart who has just a good a claim on that title. They’re both about the same amount of awkward, they’ve both ...
game of thrones got 3k Brienne of Tarth got meme gotedit got** gotjaimelannister jaime** this is actually my second fave relationship second after jon/ygritte it took me more than hour to go through my books and find quotes but i just love these two so much gosh i wish all of this looked good but i don't know? i'm not sure i'm improving i hope so but yeah i know i'm not shipping them romantically but i just want them to be together like having adventures I'D KILL FOR A JAIME/BRIENNE ADVENTURES SPIN-OFF Cleos was also funny with them so sad he died such a good lad wow sorry for the long tags brienne** ps; if you think i've giffed this special moment of the bath scene to watch Nikolaj's ass on replay you're totally right
My art supernatural dean winchester sam winchester castiel spn Team Free Will this is what the gabriel thing did to me i actually finished drawing this earlier this afternoon but we had to go somewhere and i only got to finish the coloring now gosh you guys i love drawing these three but i find dean the most difficult to draw i think it's his hair URGH i need to catch up i'm still in season 6 fhsajgakdflga i had to color in a bit of sammy's eye ffff i didn't think it would get notes so i didn't bother fixing it ;v; ahhhh thank you so much you guys!
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my gifs spoilers wreck it ralph wreck it ralph spoilers wir spoilers this scene kills me every time I think about or listen to the music or see it and you know i'm like crying my eyes out every time not because it's sad but the fact that this ending is SO satisfying and everyone is so happy and especially these two because they deserved it the most and while vanellope got to race ralph went back to his game but it was his choice and he's happy and you know that he's happy and she's happy and they're both happy that they're happy and it's just SO MUCH HAPPINESS THAT IT KILLS YOU and the fact that this movie started on a kind of low note and ends with Ralph's smile is just the most wonderful thing because he's back at where he started but he has a whole new perspective and that's what made his life better I think this is one of the best endings to a film you're just SO HAPPY GRAAAAAAAAAAAGH
* game of thrones got so this happened this is exactly the kind of stuff they teach you NOT to do in 'how to texture for dummies' lol god this was originally supposed to be a bran centric gifset but then i thought HMMM HAVEN'T SEEN ANY ARYA THINGS LATELY LET'S FIX THIS i'm doing the nine characters part of the got meme LOL SO WHAT IF I AM SKIPPING AROUND AND DOING WHATEVER THE HELL I LIKE i was actually going to do the outfit portion and dedicate to theon's form fitting grejoy armor BUT THAT REQUIRES MORE ATTENTION TO SCENE DETAIL AND I ALREADY HAD THESE CAPS there are literally like 20 layers of textures and curves on each of these gifs i don't know how to gif without textures anymore HOW DO YOU DO SIMPLE GIFS  HOW IS THIS DONE---I NEED TO GO BACK TO PHOTOSHOP BASICS asoiafmeme
ugh idk Kirk star trek into darkness it's late and i'm tired stedit trekedit star trek graphics:mine there was a point to this edit but i can't remember what it actually was sigh also that's technically not the direct quote but it looked weird with apostrophes using all the brush textures was fun though i might to some similar ones for other characters??? also do u know how hard it is to get cyan out of these caps ok i'm gonna stop talking now