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☽ The SKULLGARDEN Coloring Book is now funding on Kickstarter until February 29th! ☾


Reblog this post to win* one of TEN books that I’ll be giving away once the campaign is over and books are printed. If you win the reblog contest and also back the project, then I’ll also include some original art!

Please share and consider backing this project if you’re interested in stones, bones, and weird surreal nature and wildlife. If we meet and exceed our goal, then I’ll be included extra free stuff and possibly additional pages to the book!


*this giveaway is not related to or endorsed by Tumblr. You must not edit or remove any text in any way. You may reblog as many times as you like until the end of the campaign.

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And it’s still coming. Absolutely distracted from studying for midterms! But it’s okay, it only took me 1.5hrs to put this one together; I’m getting faster at collecting these.   Tumblr | Pixiv | Drawr Tumblr | Pixiv | Drawr Tumblr | Pixiv Tumblr | Pixiv Tumblr | Pixiv  Tumblr  Tum...
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