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The one thing I can’t stand about Tumblr’s layout is how tiny and dinky it makes landscape images.

Taking a tiny break from my commissions to whip up this wolf goddess for my Twitter banner. I did the linework a few weeks ago so all I had to do was paint. :) This may or may not have been shamelessly inspired by helenmask‘s incredible work.

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And it’s still coming. Absolutely distracted from studying for midterms! But it’s okay, it only took me 1.5hrs to put this one together; I’m getting faster at collecting these.   Tumblr | Pixiv | Drawr Tumblr | Pixiv | Drawr Tumblr | Pixiv Tumblr | Pixiv Tumblr | Pixiv  Tumblr  Tum...
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Illustration art submission eatsleepdraw artists on tumblr
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