• *snapchats doctor* does this look infected 2 u im laughing so harad someone just did this to me tupacabra •

*snapchats doctor* does this look infected 2 u

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*snapchats doctor* does this look infected 2 u
One Direction Fanart idk fuckin hell someone suggested disney princesses but like all i could decide was zayn=sleepin beauty i had no idea for the others??? but it was awhile ago and i need practice rn so i just did it harry is snowwhite bc headband lou is jasmine bc sass and sweet pants i just wanted niall in the little boob shells so there's that but i couldn't figure out liam for the life of me so once again liam is just questioning his life choices disney comes to 1D ok idd this awhile ago but wasn't sure about it so im putting it in my queue while im away until the 25th or so for school activities back soon
louis tomlinson mine help how but someone help me why are you rolling your hips like that you're not a pole dancer even though i want you to be can you tell me why does your belly button look like an outtie you dont have an outtie but more importantly your rolling of the hips did i mention that how does harry deal with you im just in so much awe im having like a serious moment with this video when i meet you im giving you classes little girls give you their bras i give you pole dancing classes but you probs dont even need it you can just teach me instead pole dancing 101 with louis tomlinson the biggest dream move that bus louis pole dancing behind it okay i'm scared for myself
“gimme your lunch money”
spoilers supernatural dean winchester castiel i guess IDK IM JUST LAUGHING
gifs mine The Avengers Thor loki avengers but come the fuck on just look at that face he doesnt look like a winner he looks like someone who did what he had to but i dont see any emotions on that face and it makes me so fucking sad he just sent his brother into the fucking ocean HIS BROTHER I WONT BELIVE THAT HE DOES NOT THINK ABOUT HIM AS A BROTHER ANYMORE I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT THIS SCENE BROFEELS
I Threw It On The Ground
Castiel  Threw Meg On The Ground
Because giving you my hand’s middle finger is sooo mainstream
This article spends its time telling us why various queer ships probably won’t become canon, but then it gets to Destiel and it just
im so bye
Niall Horan my gifs I LITERALLY GOT LIKE 3 MESSAGES TELLING ME TO POST THIS IM LAUGHING IDK OMG grimmsies well here u go do i need to be showered in holy water i think so
i just want rose to fix 11’s bow tie and say ‘i like it’