• im narusasu sasunaru THIS IS RIDICULOUS To celebrate karodraws a tiny dudl awkward but no time to remake now the tag is so alive everyone rises from dead k-a-r-o-1221 •
im narusasu sasunaru THIS IS RIDICULOUS To celebrate karodraws a tiny dudl awkward but no time to remake now the tag is so alive everyone rises from dead

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im narusasu sasunaru THIS IS RIDICULOUS To celebrate karodraws a tiny dudl awkward but no time to remake now the tag is so alive everyone rises from dead
naruto narusasu sasunaru you dumbass everyone did >DD karotries goddamnit naruto you don't know the right time to hold hands SOMEHOW I ENDED UP COLORING THIS?? also im back
narusasu sasunaru blood / injuries / naruto 698 this is the cheesiest thing ive ever fuckin drawn and i dont care im sorry if i need to tag s/t else lemme know
my stuff hayley atwell peggycarteredit im tempted to tag peggy but i wont its not her this is from a miniseries called restless its set in the 1940s so she looks like peggy the whole time it gets to you to hell with it i did it
  • Friend:why are you crying?! Are you all right?!
  • Me:*still crying* ROMANTIC-ERA MUSIC
MY EDIT star wars hayden christensen Ewan McGregor Obi Wan kenobi Anakin Skywalker swedit FYSW or terrible prequels acting :-)))) this gifset is subjective trash and it started as something else but no worries that other one is coming too you can't blame me for being trash for these two ;-// the pattern of this relationship on set is hayden talks ewan giggles the amount of times this happens is ridiculous to the point of this being a subject matter of separate gifset (though that ACTUAL MANIC LAUGHTER FROM I HATE YOU SCENE it's a good thing you're having so much fun over this guys goddamn children literally hayden's entire prerogative is okay i'm gonna say something stupid to make this one giggle so much ;-// NO ONE'S GOT TIME FOR THIS) but yep this is not the time and place to rant about this this is an actual dissertation material
doctor who matt smith David Tennant Billie Piper my stuff what am i doing with my life dwedit but i didnt im too lazy to tag everyone ahaha i usually hate long monologues but doctor who is the only exception im sorry for my over (and horrible) use of textures i think i got a bit carried away but i didnt want to make two different posts so enjoy this 'bigger than it needs to be post' long ass post warning you know i could've fit like 7 more speeches into here so i would like to here some graditude and applause for my huge waste of time making this right now while im writing these tags its about 1 oclock in the morning
self even tho i have more hair than him he is a god though no but honestly i have such a ridiculous amount i feel like it's a waste if i don't do things like this from time to time and it makes me feel like i just stepped out of a fantasy movie or sth lmao i followed a daenerys targaryen tutorial for the first one lol im going to do more complicated styles eventually rn im trying to master the five-strand-dutch-french-braid wish me luck :))))))
naruto sasuke uchiha naruto uzumaki narusasu sasunaru originally i wasnt going to tag the ship but i just took one look at the newest interview and i think we all need this
the walking dead favedits overdone to death but it's gotten to the point where I think about TWD every time I listen to this song and the idea just wouldn't let me go I was originally going to use the group as the mob but decided the Hunters worked just as well seeing as the mob just represents a group of people trying to survive their sins are the least they're at the bottom of the food chain. The Governor represents the king because of his position of absolute power in the his kingdom his story is politics he took charge of this town he puts on the show of caring for his people and no one really knows about what happens behind the scenes they don't care as long as their king protects them they will not revolt and usurp him. he's followed by Negan the god leader of the Saviors Negan is that say all end all give your life to Negan and he will allow you a life to live Negan is absolute power only defeated by the non-believer. the man who has had everything taken from him he's lost everyone and everything and no longer retains a hold on the life and morals he once followed the non-believer has no limits because he no longer has any reason to remember why he had limits in the first place I chose the image of Rick standing over the bodies of everyone he's lost to represent the non-believer because I believe if/when he ever loses Carl Andrea and Michonne he will finally become the monster he's so desperately fighting.
NSFW naruto narusasu sasunaru kinda Olart sns someone stop me from drawing shit like this
* this tag is actually so ridiculous im assuming a girl also gave birth to you? do you think she knew you would turn out to be an asshole or was that a surprise to everyone