• im really sad rn and nithing is cheering me up im so lame and so cold justintimerblake •
im really sad rn and nithing is cheering me up im so lame and so cold

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poking fun at people who want attention is really fucking debilitating because 99% of the time you’re talking about people who don’t have good homes and don’t have people paying attention to them on a regular basis. 99% of the time you’re making fun of mentally ill people who feel ...
my gifs mine danisnotonfire dan howell dan gifs dans liveshow
my edits star wars why Obi Wan kenobi Anakin Skywalker sw edit swedit my favorite thing to do it makes me so sad starwarsedit FYSW theforcesource obi wan wins that game his gesture is so dramatic and flamboyant at the same time it seems so easy when you look at him doing it im so sad they didn't throw thei jedi robes in aotc
if i was a 5sos song which song would i be?
1k gifs justin bieber mine Typography 2k purpose ill show you this song and this photoshoot go so well together im sobbing rn i love justin drew
Harry Styles * then and now :/ im so sad :(((((((
gifs llllssss im sorrythis colouring is terrible i did my best and.i really wanted to gif these frames each little movement of yours is so precious to me i feel so hopeless and i dontwant to think.dont want to do anything else besides just looking at you youre the only one who helps the only one who does and always will
mygifs Graphic gravity falls dipper pines mabel pines tourist trapped grunkle stan gravity falls spoilers irrational treasure summerween great uncle stan stan pines Escape from reality gideon rises stanley pines sock opera pines family dipper and mabel vs the future weirdmageddon damvtf weirdmageddon part 2 weirdmageddon 2 weirdmageddon 2: escape from reality jUST THROW ME IN A DITCH im having a lot of feelings rn so here suffer with me :))))
things to live for:
the stars at nightart that can be created from temporary painthe feeling of exfoliating my skinmaking my friends laughnetflix and smoking alonefinding good musicwatching thunderstorms the feeling of cracking open a new pack of cigaretteslaughing till you crycrying till you laugh
idk tho SU lapis lazuli steven universe su lapis lazuli danny draws i fukin hated the first one but i spent so much time on it i uploaded it anyways which was gr8 bc i redrew it so much better look at that shit go i might do a few more redraws im not rly feelin the palette things rn im v sorry ill get to them tomorrow hopefully im just way too stressed rn and i kno if i work on a palette draw ill get 10x more stressed tbh
the hobbit mygifs1 1000 Lee Pace 3k Thranduil hobbitedit botfa ee he really looks super gorgeous here wasn't sure this scene will be interesting enough but im gonna gif EVERYTHING bc i just love lee and thranduil so much and they mean so much to me