• important long post okage okage shadow king its alyssa time teenidolevilking •
important long post okage okage shadow king its alyssa time
important long post okage okage shadow king its alyssa time important long post okage okage shadow king its alyssa time important long post okage okage shadow king its alyssa time

OKAY ALYSSA HAS FINALLY MADE A POST ABOUT THE GAME THEY KEEP TELLING PEOPLE TO GO PLAY!!! i think i covered the basics here, but i am sure someone can do a better job at explaining okage than me!! here goes…..!!!

  • what is okage about?

Okage Shadow King (or also known as its japanese title: Boku to Maou) is about an overshadowed boy named Ari and nobody cares about him (its okay ari nobody cares about okage either). One day his little sister was cursed by a ghost. It wasn’t a fatal curse but his family sold his soul to the devil “Stan” anyways because he is the least favorite child. The adventure continues when Ari is forced by Stan to subjugate “fake evil kings” who have stolen some of Stan’s powers. 

Ari is an overshadowed boy that nobody cares about but through this journey, he will slowly become an actual person. Okay, yeah, it sounds like the old “zero to hero” trope but the whole “nobody notices him” thing is a huge thing in the plot. I’m going to stop right there, I’ve said too much already :X!!

  • why should i care?

What I like about it is the dialogue and script is funny, fresh, and lighthearted and the character and map designs are really bold and cute (you can see that a lot of the art is heavily influenced by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare before Christmas)!! It also shows lots of medieval + circus + steampunk themes, it’s just a huge quilt of different things and it’s goddamn colorful!! I think what’s most appealing to me was how it’s a satirical take on RPGs and how it deals with character archetypes and video game cliches that nobody seems to question — but again, that’s all im going to say, i cannot spoil too much :^ )

  • where can i play okage?

Okage is a (rather old) playstation 2 game, you can probably find it cheap (or very expensive aha) on ebay or amazon. To be totally honest, the graphics aren’t very state-of-the-art, the battle system is a lil funky, and the load times are unbearable. It could really do with an HD remake ;^ ) There are playthroughs on youtube as well but most i’ve seen aren’t very good (its either the video quality is lame or that its a blind playthrough and the player is just running around. i guess you can watch the other playthroughs if you don’t mind commentary). I’m not the best person to ask about emulators and roms but i’ve heard from people that it sucks, with the whole Ari running around Tenel Village slowly :( alternatively, there’s a lp archive of it here so you can read the game instead! 

if you decide that okage isnt your game i completely understand ; o ; do give it a try though THANKS FOR READING bye

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important long post okage okage shadow king its alyssa time
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