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Send me a number from 1-50, without looking at the list!
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  1. Does mun have any pets?
  2. Mun’s Age
  3. Picture of the mun
  4. Mun’s favourite character in the fandom, and why
  5. Mun’s least favourite character and why
  6. Mun’s first ever OTP
  7. Is mun a parent?
  8. Mun’s worst kept secret?
  9. Is mun in a relationship?
  10. Mun’s opinion on you.
  11. Does mun give good advice?
  12. How did mun get into roleplaying?
  13. How long has mun had a tumblr?
  14. How did mun get into the fandom?
  15. Does mun believe in love?
  16. How does mun feel about children?
  17. What are mun’s views on religion?
  18. Is mun religious?
  19. Mun’s favourite film
  20. Mun’s favourite sport
  21. Can mun cook?
  22. Mun’s favourite animal
  23. Can mun swim?
  24. What is mun’s sexuality?
  25. Is there something mun can never forgive?
  26. What pronouns does mun prefer?
  27. Can mun sing?
  28. What is mun’s biggest pet peeve?
  29. A voice recording of mun saying one of the muse’s catchphrases
  30. What words can mun not stand?
  31. What is mun’s biggest dream?
  32. Mun’s biggest turn ons?
  33. Mun’s biggest turn offs?
  34. Does mun have any tattoos?
  35. Does mun have any piercings?
  36. What accent does mun have?
  37. How tall is mun?
  38. Has mun ever been in love?
  39. A funny story from when mun was a child
  40. What has been the biggest inspiration in mun’s life?
  41. What has been mun’s biggest fashion disaster?
  42. What does mun regret?
  43. Can mun dance?
  44. Surprise us with a random fact
  45. How does mun feel about plastic surgery?
  46. Can mun drive?
  47. What is mun’s favourite food?
  48. How well can mun hold their alcohol?
  49. What is mun’s take on sexting?
  50. How many languages can mun speak?

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Send me a number from 1-50, without looking at the list! If you’re brave enough, reblog without looking too! Does mun have any pets? Mun’s Age Picture of the mun Mun’s favourite character in the fandom, and why Mun’s least favourite character and why Mun’s first eve...
Mun VS. Muse
(Bold what applies.) ??????: WHO OF YOU IS: Older? muse/munTaller? muse/munRicher? muse/munNeater? muse/munNicer? muse/munSmarter? muse/munFunnier? muse/mun ????????: Who is a better friend? muse/munWho lies the most? muse/munWho swears the most? muse/munWho reads more? muse/munWho is more creati...
Send the Mun a number!
Why did you choose your muse? What will you and your muse never agree on? What do you and your muse have in common? What is your muse’s best trait? What is your best trait? What traits do you look for in others? What is the most off-putting habit? If you and your muse swapped places, which of ...
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; for munday
GENERAL Name:Birthday:Sexual Orientation:Dad’s Name:School Status: YES/NO Drink?:Smoke?:Eat cake?:Believe in True Love?:Afraid of the dark?:Cat person:Virgin?: FAVORITES Shampoo:Disney song:Actress:Car:Person:Type of Weather:Color:90s Sitcom: QUESTIONS What is your special talent/skill as a ...
? Interview with a Mun ?
? How many ships do you have on this blog?? Have you ever roleplayed with someone that just left an unforgettable impression on you?? Which of your ships on this blog is the fluffiest?? Would you say you’re a decent roleplayer or do you have any self doubts?? Have you made lots of friends on this bl...
Ask the mun about their writing!
As a writer, who is your biggest inspiration? Besides writing, what other creative outlets do you have? Does anyone in real life know about your RPing hobby and what, if anything, have they said about it? Have you always liked to write and at what age did you start? Have you considered writing profe...
Mun vs Muse: Put a ship in my ask box and mun and muse will share their opinions on the ship.
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[?] one random fact about the mun [?] one way the mun is like the muse[?] one way the mun is nothing like the muse[?] one of the mun’s guilty pleasures[?] one thing the mun loves about themselves[?]  the muns morning ritual[?]  the muns bedtime ritual [?] one of the muns favorite songs —...
Mun-Directed Questions About Roleplaying!
For every ? in my inbox, the muse has to tell you a fact about the mun.
Questions Often Left Unanswered: Mun Edition
Are there any characters in your fandom or faceclaims you refuse to RP with? Who and why? Are there any plot tropes you are sick of/refuse to RP? If so, what are they and why? As a mun, what are three of your biggest flaws when it comes to being someone’s RP partner? Have you ever dropped a th...