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“That’s me and I’m voting Bernie. I’d like it if you took the pic down.”

It appears that Hillary is no longer inspired by this woman

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For the Climate Minded Voter…
So before we head into the next round of primaries I wanted to add a little context and depth to the conversation we are having on Climate Change and what candidate best reflects the concerns of the Climate Change movement.Why Hillary Clinton is definitely NOT your candidate:1. Hillary’s &ldqu...
I wanted to love Hillary Clinton. I really did.
But, I’m sorry, Bernie Sanders 100% has my vote. He stands for everything I stand for. Not just some things like Hillary. I’ve been told that I’m not a “real feminist” since I don’t plan to vote for her. I want to see a female president just as much as anyone else...
Bernie’s 12 Point Plan
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I cannot stress this enough for the 2016 election
If Bernie loses the primaries: YOU STILL MUST VOTETumblr’s become so attached to Bernie that I’m not sure y’all are still gonna vote in the election if he loses. I will vote for him, I know most of you might too, but we must still be prepared for something like that :/I know it would mean that you w...
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If you're voting for Bernie Sanders
please remember: not many are aware, but a president is extremely, extremely, extremelyyyy limited without a supporting senate and congress. for example, if the majority of the party is republican, as it is with Obama, most of the bills and “promises” brought up will be vetoed and denied by the co...
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