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interview snk shingeki no kyojin Mikasa Ackerman au smartpass

Mikasa au Interview

Translated by plain-dude and fuku-shuu

She sits upright in a chair as I visit her at the barracks of the Scouting Legion.
She gives a small nod when she notices me, but our eyes never meet.
She is Mikasa Ackerman, an unprecedented talent in humanity’s history.

"Nice to meet you", I say. She answers "Ok," and the interview begins.


Q: Are you nervous?
Mikasa: …a little bit.

Q: I heard you’re not normally good at conversations…
Mikasa: …I will answer any questions asked.

Q: Then I shall accept your advice and begin right away. Mikasa, you graduated at the top of your class. You could have joined the Military Police, but why did you choose the Scouting Legion?
Mikasa: Because…Eren chose the Scouting Legion.

Q: Eren Yeager, the one from the same class and hometown as yourself. Did he ask you to do this?
Mikasa: No. That was my own decision.

Q: Yeager wanted to enter the Scouting Legion ever since he joined the training corps. You didn’t try to stop him?
Mikasa: You mean…why didn’t I try to convince him to join the other Military Units?

Q: Yes. Because he’s your ‘family,’ so I thought you would recommend the safer routes.
Mikasa: …Now that you mention it, I did…when we were younger, I was against joining the Scouting Legion.

Q: And why did that change?
Mikasa: Because Eren didn’t change his mind. And…

Q: And?
Mikasa: Auntie…Eren’s mother said that we have to help each other.

Q: You spent your childhood with Eren.
How were your days with the Yeagers?
Mikasa: …Ya, we often fought with the other kids in town.

Q: I’m surprised that there were kids who wanted to fight you.
Mikasa: Eren provoked them, and they bullied Armin…

Q: So you were the mediator.
Mikasa: I beat them up…and tossed Eren around.

Q: Eh…you tossed him?
Mikasa: Yes.

Q: I thought you were the mediator?
Mikasa: …? Other than tosses and punches, are there other ways to stop people who don’t listen?

Q: Ah, you’re right.
Mikasa: But…I failed once.

Q: How?
Mikasa: I threw him too hard…and he ended up in the river.

Q: He fell into the river?!
Mikasa: It was only once. Armin noticed the river and tried to stop me, but I threw him into it, too.
And then they both caught colds…I have reflected on my actions.

Q: That was a horrible thing you did.
Mikasa: After that…I made sure no water was around whenever I tossed Eren.
No fire, either…burns are worse than colds, after all.

Q: You’re right…do you remember anything else other than fights?
Like Armin Arlert, whom you just mentioned. He’s a childhood friend, too, right?
Mikasa: Eren and Armin…often talk about the outside world.
Armin would bring along his grandfather’s book…

Q: About the world beyond the walls?
Mikasa: Their eyes always shone brightly whenever they talked about venturing outside…I liked watching them as they spoke.


Q: Let’s talk about your much younger childhood. What kind of kid do you think you were?
Mikasa: I was raised in the mountains and we grew vegetables for a living. I…was a sheltered child.

Q: Sounds like you had a happy and normal family.
Mikasa: It was different from living in a town. There were no kids near my house.

Q: You must’ve been precious to your parents.
Mikasa: …Yes. At that time, my world was small…my father and mother were everything.

Q: Were you strong at that time, too? Like you are now?
Mikasa: No…I took care of the fields…

Q: That’s a totally different image from your current self.
Then, can I ask you about the incident that made you an orphan…
Mikasa: ……

Q: You don’t need to answer that.
In the records, Eren and you fought the robbers together.
Mikasa: Eren came to the place I was taken to.

Q: So he came to save you.
Mikasa: At first, I didn’t know who he was…

Q: You guys never met, yet he came to your rescue?
Mikasa: Yes. He was prepared to throw away his life…I was shocked.

Q: So you guys didn’t fight together?
Mikasa: I was ready to give up. And then, Eren was about to get killed by one of the robbers.

Q: Did he ask for help?
Mikasa: No…he said “Fight. If you don’t fight, you can’t win…”

Q: That’s some amazing mental strength. Did anything change from that incident?
Mikasa: I can’t explain properly, but…I felt like, I could actually control my body.

Q: The feeling that you could control every single nerve?
Mikasa: I was able to move as I wished. And before I realized it, I had defeated the robber.

Q: I guess that was when…your talents surfaced.
Mikasa: I didn’t really understand, but…ever since then, there was nothing I couldn’t do.

Q: Thanks to Eren, your life changed.
Mikasa: I died once, and it was Eren who gave me strength.
This time, I will be the one to protect him.

Q: So you joined the training corps after that. What were your impressions of your classmates?
Mikasa: I don’t really remember…

Q: …I’m sure you had plenty of chances to team up with the top trainees.
What do you think of Jean Kirschstein?
Mikasa: Ah. Jean…he fought with Eren often.

Q: If I’m not wrong, Jean graduated with nearly the same results as Eren.
Mikasa: His results were good, but he clashed with Eren a lot, so…

Q: I see…please also allow me to ask you about your other classmates.


In the first half, Mikasa Ackerman talked about her experiences before joining the Scouting Legion and her childhood.
We also asked her about her impressions of her classmates.
In the latter half, we inquire about her Survey Corps comrades, daily life, and thoughts on her future.


Q: What about the rest? Like Reiner Braun, who was ranked second after you.
Mikasa: Reiner…and Marco, too…they’re both reliable and trustworthy.
They can lead, which is something I cannot do.

Q: You’re rather humble.
Mikasa: It’s the truth.

Q: And you’re the type to just showcase your strength.
Mikasa: I just want to protect Eren well…so I can’t become like them.

Q: What about the others? I heard you might have some fun stories with Sasha Braus……
Mikasa: ……?

Q: Something like…there was a loud noise at night, and when the instructor showed up…
Mikasa: Like the time she farted? I thought what I said was appropriate, considering the moment.

Q: I-I see. Then, have the girls in your class ever met up in secret for something…like a girl talk?
Mikasa: Girl talk?

Q: Yes, the sharing of secrets whenever you girls gather together.
Mikasa: Like…secret battle strategies?

Q: Uh, nothing related to combat. More about romance and such.
Mikasa: Oh…like who is nicer, who likes who…that kind of topic. I think we’ve had those, yah.

Q: You’re not interested in that kind of thing?
Mikasa: They told me that my answer is always the same, so they don’t invite me often.


Q: Ah, yes, I can imagine. Let’s change up the topic to your daily routine. What do you do when you take a break from combat training?
Mikasa: 100 sets of abdominal and back muscle exercises, and then I inspect my 3DMG…

Q: I meant outside of your voluntary workouts…
Mikasa: Sewing clothes, cooking, going to the market with Eren and Armin.

Q: That seems pretty standard. What’s your best dish?
Mikasa: I grew up in the mountains…so a pheasant and vegetables dish. On break days I’ll occasionally cook recipes that mom or aunt Kalura (Carla) taught me, and then eat it with Eren and others.

Q: Eren must love having a taste of home.
Mikasa: Ah…I hope so.

Q: Then again, during puberty perhaps quantity is more important than quality?
Mikasa: Even if that’s the case…he’ll still eat whatever.

Q: When you go shopping, what kind of clothes do you like?
Mikasa: Pretty similar to the others…

Q: And you always wear that scarf?
Mikasa: I wash this scarf once in a while…so there are days I don’t wear it.
(T/N: See during Chapter 52’s meal)

Q: You seem to care for it very much.
Mikasa: After I wash it with warm water, it becomes very soft.

Q: So having it washed must relax you. What do you do with the other cadets during holidays?
Mikasa: Usually we still have things to do even during rest periods. A day passes by quickly…but, when I was a trainee, I also did some different things.

Q: Such as?
Mikasa: The farm close to us occasionally harvests sweet potatoes and would distribute some to us…we would roast them and enjoy them.

Q: Sounds like a reward in faith.
Mikasa: Sasha is very good at finding the best sweet potatoes…Jean and Ymir were also invited, too. Connie nearly got burnt.


Q: That seems like a lovely memory. How are your days in the Scouting Legion? Any changes?
Mikasa: Nothing much has changed. Just training a lot before the expedition.

Q: You’re talking about the 57th expedition and the attempt to capture the Female Titan, right?
Mikasa: That time…

Q: What happened?
Mikasa: I made a mistake…and the most important soldier of all became injured…

Q: You’re talking about when Captain Levi got hurt?
Mikasa: Back then…Eren was taken, and I felt lost…it was my error.

Q: As someone who has strength that rivals the captain’s, it’s surprising that you admit to a mistake like that. Were you scared out of your mind?
Mikasa: I wanted to focus on retrieving Eren, but…

Q: You thought you could do it on your own.
Mikasa: …I was conceited.

Q: You’ve grown up.
Mikasa: I’m far from perfect…and it’s vexing.

Q: That was a good opportunity to reevaluate yourself.
Mikasa: …I won’t repeat the same mistake.

Q: What about the others in the Scouting Legion? Like Squad Leader Hanji Zoe?
Mikasa: I feel like…that person…is not a bad person.

Q: Just a pretty weird person…
Mikasa: She experiments on Eren…I know we have no choice, but I still feel uneasy.

Q: Well, she is pretty hyped up over it.
Mikasa: I understand that she just wants to solve the mysteries behind the titans…but I have to make sure she doesn’t overdo it.

Q: Then, in terms of the future. I wonder, for you…
Mikasa: I will protect Eren.

Q: Of course.
Mikasa: No matter who wants to take him away…I’ll guard him to the end.


Q: So have you considered what you will do in the future?
Mikasa: The future?

Q: Any big dreams or life goals?
Mikasa: Like…when Eren will venture outside of the walls?

Q: Yes, do you have that kind of dream?
Mikasa: I don’t really, but…

Q: But?
Mikasa: If Eren and Armin go forth, I think I’ll go as well. To the outside world.

Q: That’s a great dream. I pray that the wish where humanity wins will come true.
Finally, what do you want to say to all the citizens who pin their hope on you?
Mikasa: I understand your judgments and needs, so I wish to live up to your expectations if I can. 

Q: Very reliable.
Mikasa: Eren will definitely become everyone’s hope… yes, please believe me.

Q: Thank you!

After the interview, Mikasa departs quickly, with the gift from her family member Eren wrapped around her face.
I told her “It fits you.”
"Yes, thank you…"
There’s only that response. Her vaguely flushed face seems to have retreated behind the scarf.
From that demonstration of shyness, it appears that she is a 15-year-old young woman after all.

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