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iphone yolo convo drake and josh im-young-im-reckless emphasis

bobby and I have great conversations. 

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Drake pool party
  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:if Helen from drake and josh is the principal of Hollywood Arts in victorious, then that means that Victorious and Drake and Josh are set in the same universe. why then does Cat reference an episode of Drake and Josh in "Who did it to Trina?"? tori even says the name of the show! also, it is obvious that iCarly and Victorious are set in the same universe, considering they cross over in iParty with Victorious, and Sam and Cat have a sitcom of their own. so does that mean that tori vega has an exact double, considering Victoria Justice was on iCarly before as Shelby Marx? Also, in an episode of Zoey 101, Quinn and Lola are seen on iCarly.com, indicating that that too is the same universe. but Lola is played by Victoria Justice as well! so there are three clones in this universe! but wait there's more!! both miranda cosgrove and jenette mccurdy were featured in (separate) episodes of Zoey 101, so do they have doubles as well?? and if drake and josh is in fact the same universe as victorious, which is the same universe as iCarly and Zoey 101, then that means Megan Parker is yet another clone! how then do we see Carly and Spencer watching Drake and Josh in the pranking episode? they watch a supposedly fictional TV show starring doubles of themselves, but WE know that this "fictional" TV show is set in their universe. i need answers!