• checking if babygate is over yetrealising TMZ still hasn’t done the thing Irving understands I was trying to find a way to incorporate the golf pic or the tickling video ferninism •

checking if babygate is over yet

realising TMZ still hasn’t done the thing

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naruto manga edit imadethisyo no way I am going to tag all the characters if I left someone out of this its not because I dislike the character but was either too lazy to find a panel or didnt find a good one at all
mine how i met your mother himym r alyson hannigan Buffy the vampire Slayer BTVS himym* himymcast* alysonhannigan* i really dislike the 'birthday' and 'lee' gifs but she's adorable in both oh also it's saty's birthday i tried to find a way to include her here but i couldn't find a cute video of them togethe i might post a cute pic of them later idk bdays*
art OTL Teen Wolf angst somehow things i want happened Sterek 3B lose your mind derek taking away stiles' darkness or attempting to this was kinda meant to be a fluffy pic to cheer all those up who have a bad day because I had that myself but along the way I just fail at fluff moreSterek also my one of my favorite tropes
* Harry Shum Jr harry shum jr. zefrank ze frank if you are in a shell wow this was just gorgeous i'm sorry this is such a long ass post but i really felt like the text needed to be included i'm just so in awe what a beautiful work what a beautiful video what a beautiful choreography and performanceeeeeeeee D A N C E (guess which gif gave error uploading image x1000000000000000000) (maybe i'll try to fix it later lol)
out of context it looks like davos is drunk and dancing and singing and getting passionate
quote music kurt cobain nirvana live interview president 1993 NirvanaNews President of the United States
*gif bap b.a.p youngjae daehyun daejae jung daehyun yoo youngjae gif:b.a.p this looks not good omg idk i hope it moves smoother or smth than it moves on the preview goodnight!!! omg
mine:gif Dylan O'Brien the maze runner tmredit dobedit margaret posts i dont know im trying a new way to make gifs
[Flash 10 is required to watch video.]
Louis & Eleanor in TopShop/TopMan. June 3rd, 2012 in Chi...
mine :) CRYING SO HARD RIGHT NOW NGL kinda i edited the snape pic a teensy weensy bit needed a place to find this again too
photography art design fun lego andrew whyte