• ish 2013 playlist maybe idk unk the tracklist is hella long so idk if i should put it on here PLS LISTEN 2 IT I THINK ITS GOOD ughticmonkeys •
ish 2013 playlist maybe idk unk the tracklist is hella long so idk if i should put it on here PLS LISTEN 2 IT I THINK ITS GOOD

2000 & 13, a playlist for one hella good year for music

Listen here


  1. 2013  // Arctic Monkeys
  2. Diane Young // Vampire Weekend
  3. Black Skinhead v.s. Tame Impala Remix
  4. Luv, Hold Me Down // Drowners
  5. Melody Calling // The Vaccines
  6. Trying To Be Cool // Phoenix
  7. St. Justice // Albert Hammond Jr.
  8. Falling // Haim
  9. Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover) // San Cisco
  10. I Am What You Want Me To Be // The Jungle Giants
  11. My Number // Foals
  12. All I Know // Washed Out
  13. Worst Behavior // Drake
  14. Plenty Of Girls In The Sea // MGMT
  15. Retrograde // James Blake
  16. Best of Friends // Palma Violets
  17. Purple Yellow Red and Blue // Portugal. The Man
  18. Royals // Lorde
  19. California Daze // Peace
  20. San Francisco // Foxygen
  21. This Lonely Morning // Best Coast
  22. Jessica // Major Lazer ft. Ezra Koenig
  23. Manners // Icona Pop
  24. Here Comes The Night Time // Arcade Fire
  25. All The Time // The Strokes

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ish 2013 playlist maybe idk unk the tracklist is hella long so idk if i should put it on here PLS LISTEN 2 IT I THINK ITS GOOD
Hannah Hart Harto MyDrunkKitchen i know you're sick but you look so damn hot its not fair but we love u so pls take care xoxo AND WHATEVER U R WEARING IS MAKIN U LOOK HELLA ATTRACTIVE brings out the blue in your eyes tho i put this in black and white idk why
1k bts mystuff Bangtan Bangtan Boys j-hope hobi pls his smile is so cute tho ((whoops i just now realized i forgot to put drop shadow on the subs for all the frames)) ((i hope no one notices it)) ((i fixed it here but this gif has already made its way around so idk))
gif animated idk animation ?? madi draws things i guess?? oh well here you go steven universe wanted to do something sweet after the fandom drama about leaks and whatnot yesterday;;; maybe I should tag it them blob hands I'd like to practice it more
1k *mine the walking dead twd spoilers twdedit twd comics i hate this but i spent like 2 hours on it so also i cheated a lil bc instead of glenn there it should be heath but heath is not here so this is literally the ugliest thing i have ever made also @scott gimple fuck u it hsould read '....it???????????????' bc as i said fuck u gimple basically had the finale done better this could also be better maybe i'll update this in october with whoever ends up getting it idk
self Personal jfashion cult party kei cat ears cpk bright mori or i guess it could be sort of cult party or mori ish if the whole outfit was done and shown i think the top is really nice its was at the bins with stains on it but i got it anyways because it was so nice sorry i dont feel nice about me or like after i look at my face too long i start to get weird about it and i dont recognize myself or something and im like what the heck is this so then i dont feel like posting anything but i think i should anyways just to stay updated maybe i should start being one of those bloggers that hides their face iwht stuff it just trips me out sometimes that im a personl with a physical form and a face and i can have images captured of me and my form and it's just so strange like for some reason then i strat to not like pictures after a while because they mess with my head and reality or somethinglol
me idk bye what the frick is this omg just got out the shower maybe I won't actually delete this you guys are so kind I feel like I look 19 for the first time ever I also feel hella pretentious tho so idk maybe I will delete it
My art long post I dk what is this actually I DONT KNOW WHAT IM DRAWING comics is too ahrd im sorry if htis doesn't make any sense ?? I im rtired idk what im writing evenrhignt makes  no sense IM THE MOST INCONSISTENT DRAWER I CAN SEE THE CHARS CHANIGNG 20 TIMES IN THIS COMIC ps if anyone has a good name pls let me know i don' have any name for this ok im realizing that everything is so abrupt maybe trying to stuff everythign inot 11 pics wasn't a good idea cries slowly and goes to bed
1k gifs G Dragon gtop t.o.p make me choose so needy i love gtop so much it hurts idk if i made that clear on here but i def. made it clear on twitter like v e r y clear notice that i made 8 gifs instead of the usual six cause there's so many moments so many beautiful moments and then there's moments i couldn't put on here bc it's mostly jiyong talking about hyung all the time and the top doll lmao i didn't know if i should put it on here cause it's not really hyung that's with him kissing the doll groping the doll humping the doll like lmao pls jiyong pls also i'm sorry for the pastel-y edit i'm too lazy to do saturated gifs nowadays bc it requires looking for videos that let me do saturation which is rare with bb so bear with meeee
1D Day
Harry Styles 
A little compilation of Harry during 1D Day I thought I couldn’t love hi...
1k doctor who mine mydw the end of time dwedit dw edit [titanic gif] it's been 84 years really though it feels like 84 years [one direction voice] its been so long its been so looong i'm gonna use all the memes i can its honestly been months since i've posted sth and i FINALLY after YEARS i finally finished this season of doctor who lmao and i liked this exchange and i loved his acting in the final episode and so yeah ... here also s5 is SUPER PRETTY so idk idk maybe i'll resume making gifs
My art NSFW undertale its not porn so i dont think i should tag it undertail but idk anyways dumb idea for a comic good night