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isis pray for paris pray for syria daesh daesh not isis

Names have power.

They want us to call them ISIS, or the Islamic State. But they are not Islamic, nor a state. Arabs call them Daesh, an acronym of their Arabic name, and they hate it because it sounds like daes “one who crushes things underfoot”, or dahes “one who sows discord”.

This is their true name.

The French government has changed its official name for the group; Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said “I will be calling them the ‘Daesh cutthroats’.”

Let’s follow this example. Stop flattering them by calling them ISIS. Spite them by calling them Daesh, and help stop the division between Western and Middle East. Our battle is not with Arabs or Muslims, but with bigots who sow discord and crush others underfoot: Daesh.

Edit: for those of you sharing this, here is a better explanation of just what it is that makes Daesh so angry. It’s belittling to them.

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isis pray for paris pray for syria daesh daesh not isis
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Just like you don’t hate Germany for what Hitler did, don’t hate Muslims for what ISIS did.
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  • Paris:under attack by terrorists - multiple attacks, explosions, at least 129 killed
  • Lebanon:twin suicide bombings last night, at least 43 killed, almost 200 injured
  • Japan:a powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake has struck off the South West coast of Japan
  • Baghdad:killed 21 people and wounded at least 46 at a funeral in a suicide bomb attack, roadside bomb killed 5 and injured 15
  • Mexico:4.3 magnitude earthquake
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