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  • ☆ :What made you start playing your muse?
  • ♠ :What is the hardest thing about playing this muse?
  • ☻ :What do you find easiest about playing this muse?
  • ◊ :What's your favourite thing about your muse?
  • ☺ :Favourite canon scene/chapter involving your muse?
  • Ψ :Canon scenes/chapters you can't stand to watch/read (because it's sad)?
  • ♤ :Canon scenes/chapters you can't stand to watch/read (because it's badly written)?
  • Ж :What do you like best about RPing, in general?
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20 Mun-Day questions for Muns
Why did you choose/create your muse and how do you choose to portray them? Do you identify with or relate to your muse on any personal level? Would you be friends with your muse? Do you consider yourself to have a “relationship” with your muse? How does your muse feel about you? What do ...
In Celebration of Father's Day, ask my muse (or the mun) anything about his/her father.
  • Raven (Teen Titans):Kristi
I’m slow to answer things sometimes. I tend to misplace things. I get distracted. My muse doesn’t want to talk. Tumblr eats asks. But, I’m human. I make mistakes. And it’s okay to remind me about threads. It’s okay to resend asks. It’s okay to ask about things!
Random Mun Facts
Tagged By: yukimuraxgirl 1. What’s your name?Charlie2. When is your birthday?April3. Where are you from?England4. Have a crush?Yisss5. What’s your favorite color?Orange or black6. Write something in capsDINOSAURS7. Got a favorite band/artist?Paramore8. Favorite number?59. Favorite drink?Squash >...
for the mun ;
Middle Name: Browser: High school graduation year: Color of your bedroom walls: Favorite snack: Dream vacation: Most read book: Song from your childhood: Disney movie: Favorite blog: Desired URL: Theme style: Worst nightmare: Best friend: Tagging:
when you’re needy and your rp partner is around
Meet the Mun
Send me a letter and I’ll answer the questions! 1. What was your favourite subject in school? 2. If your life had a soundtrack, which band performed it? 3. Do you prefer sweet or savoury foods? 4. Do you have any pets? 5. What’s your favourite movie? 6. Are you a cat person or a dog pe...
Mun VS. Muse
(Bold what applies.) ??????: WHO OF YOU IS: Older? muse/munTaller? muse/munRicher? muse/munNeater? muse/munNicer? muse/munSmarter? muse/munFunnier? muse/mun ????????: Who is a better friend? muse/munWho lies the most? muse/munWho swears the most? muse/munWho reads more? muse/munWho is more creati...