• it's scary of course some stores have already started selling christmas shit oedipus-sex •
  • october 31st:SPOOOOOOKKKKKY!!!!!!!!!!! buy candy and scaaaary costumes here!!!

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  • october 31st:SPOOOOOOKKKKKY!!!!!!!!!!! buy candy and scaaaary costumes here!!!
tea food poisoning Argo argo tea
1k mine *graphic hirunaka no ryuusei shizume mazume hnredit this is really quick and passive aggressive edit which alternative title is Suzume Is Amazing it seriously hurt my soul when people say that they only care about shishio/shizume or mamura/mazume like suzume is some kind of accessory who just needs to be here so your precious boy can have everything but the thing is that it's suzume who tore down their walls suzume is the catalyst and the most important not only for boys but yuyuka too they started to change for better mostly because of her of course they have done some stupid things too because of her but the positive influence it's still what matters the most yes it applies shishio too
tumblr school school started for me i already want it to be summer Did summer even happen already have a lot of homework
:D johnlock manips sldkjfdslkfj bored have some poor quality shit W:Nomino
  • buying a roosterteeth shirt:yes hi i'd like to pay 19.95 for an inside joke
1k MY EDIT Halloween 2k 500 ouat ouatedit reginamillsedit hookedit halloweenedit if you expect me to tag everyone you better think further on it it's officially my birthday and I'm going to celebrate it by... sleeping! Yay best day ever! :3 it's my first Halloween on Tumblr and I am so excited for spooky scary skeletons on my dash c: I know what this started out as but I have no idea what it became... but I kind of love that last gif :)
star wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Qui-Gon Jinn Anakin Skywalker sw YukiPri art Obikin star wars prequels I don't care if it's platonic or romantic quiobi QuiObikin This started out as a simple 'Obi-Wan needs hugs especially from Qui and Ani' and ended in 'What have I done.' despite that i am actually surprisingly satisfied with how this came out I SHIP THE THREE OF THEM TOGETHER OKAY QUI > OBI < ANI i know there's not much of them all together but HE DESERVES BOTH OKAY I love both ships i will not choose one Obi deserves to have both of them at his side for the rest of his eternal afterlife They both gave him so much shit yes Qui you too are not innocent but gods he loves them so much and everything he did was for them and they loved him just as much in return but never showed it or acted on it enough while alive come on happy dead gay ghosties after the initial sobfest of course (also giggling because after i drew it i realized in the first pic it looks like bb Ani is sneakily and innocently cockblocking Qui u go lil child)
  • person:money isn't everything
  • me:are you fucking stupid
okay it’s gotten to the point where i associate certain characters with friends and every time I see a certain character, I’m like “OH!!!!!! I SHOULD REBLOG THIS, THIS PERSON LOVES THIS CHARACTER, OH GOSH I HOPE THEY SEE IT AND IT MAKES THEM HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!”
How the media presents Harry Styles: “The manwhore is at it again, spotted with lipstick on his collar!” The real Harry Styles: It’s really crayon on his collar. He’s drawing with children for charity.
Christmas winter Illustration store núria tamarit xulia vicente gota de calo