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Jade Harley Tubbsen aimeld Tracon 2012 Jade Harley Tubbsen aimeld Tracon 2012

Almost all of the stars in the dress are actual constellations! Back when I thought about making this dress, I promised I’d make it as well as I could.

I’ve included the zodiac for Homestuck purposes, plus a couple small constellations close to them, such as Sagitta (the arrow which Sagittarius shoots towards the Swan constellation, not pictured) and Equuleus (the Little Horse because it was so darn cute).

I put Gemini in the chest, because Sollux is my favourite troll, and Scorpius in the front because it’s my own sign.  

All of the brightest stars of each constellation I made using led lights. They were very pretty at night, and I kept the lights a secret from all of my friends! It was hard not to let them know.. They were surprised when I lit the stars in the evening! It made me really happy :D See night photos here.

Because it’s pretty much impossible to tell, I made a map. It shows the rough location of each constellation. They’re almost in the right order too, only making some curves on the upper front of the dress due to lack of.. space.

Jade Harley: Aimel (me), thanks to Päivi for taking this photo. Edited by me.

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Jade Harley Tubbsen aimeld Tracon 2012
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