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Jasper, the Fusion Experiment

Jasper is a fusion.

Okay, okay! Hear me out!

I think tonight’s episode gives a way for our theory to be perfectly true. There have been multiple signs indicating that Jasper is a fusion (that I’ll cover below the break), but there’s always been some problems, the biggest one being—


Well… Tonight’s episode blew that wide open.

Let’s start with something simple: her size.

We know that Jasper is big. She’s even bigger than Garnet by a respectable amount.

Although we know gems can be larger (such as Rose), we also know that gems can’t make themselves much larger than their “base form,” so to speak. (This was shown in “Reformed” when Garnet told amethyst her new form was unsustainable.)

As I mentioned, we’ve seen signs that Jasper is a fusion. Here, let me list them for you:

1. Like I said, her size.

2. Jasper is a gem that can be a mix of two gems, just like Garnet. (This is important, remember it!)

3. (This is one that had me convinced before it seemed possible) Her colored pupils

The pupils in Steven Universe are consistent in an interesting way—single gems and humans have simple, full pupils. (I don’t say black, because Pearl’s eyes are blue.) Fusions have colored. Here’s a comparison:

We’ve also seen Garnet’s:

And Malachite:

But perhaps most interesting… Sugilite.

A fusion between Garnet and Amethyst, her eyes have pupils in the center, but the two (seemingly contributed by amethyst) on the outside? They don’t.

Of course that doesn’t happen with malachite, which I can’t explain, but those eyes had to be done with a purpose. I think it’s to push that the pupils are important.

Now, her name. The rule with fusion naming seems to be “-ite” is in the name once the gem is a mix of more than two.

We have Garnet. We have Jasper… 

Garnet fuses with Amethyst? Sugulite.

But what about when Jasper fuses with Lapis? Her name is Malachite

This was all we had, and I was somewhat of a blind believer. But now that I’ve seen the terrifying experiments of Homeworld (on Crystal Gems, no less)… I’m convinced.

You know what the first thing that popped into my head was when I saw the hands and feet and arms and legs?

There’s something strange about Jasper that none of us noticed…

Her color. 

She is the only gem to be made up of two colors. Not even the confirmed fusions are (aside from Malachite)… But you know what are?

Homeworld’s fusion experiments. 

Like the shards let loose in “Secret Team,” each body part is its own distinct color, but when you jam two shards together? They don’t share one single color, but you see both.

Jasper is two different colors, a trait unique to her and the fusion she formed, Malachite. I suggest she is a form of what we are seeing here, but a more complete form. One that was allowed time to hatch, not like the monster we see shortly after…

Which is clearly trying to take a working form. It even appears so be somewhat humanoid in its shape, and it has even formed clothing.

What else did this episode reveal?

Exactly what I suspected earlier. As a fusion, you lose yourself. You forget that you were ever two gems. You become ONE. Jasper may not even know she’s a fusion.

She does hate them, after all… 

Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger. Quit embarrassing yourselves! I’ve seen what you really are.

Imagine if she were to realize that she were actually a fusion. A weak gem, made stronger by her Homeworld… Hmm…

A perfect set-up for a great Jasper story…

Who knows how long they’ve been working on forcing fusions on Homeworld, but I suspect that we’ll be finding out a lot about Jasper in the coming episodes.

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear your opinions!

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Jasper, the Fusion Experiment
Jasper is a fusion. Okay, okay! Hear me out! I think tonight’s episode gives a way for our theory to be perfectly true. There have been multiple signs indicating that Jasper is a fusion (that I’ll cover below the break), but there’s always been some problems, the biggest one being...
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