• today i came in the door and i heard someone coming down the stairs and i didnt know who it was or w... Jessica talks about unimportant things like i just??? it was first instinct okay idek hunter-and-angel •

today i came in the door and i heard someone coming down the stairs and i didnt know who it was or what to do since im always home alone so instinctively i pulled out my Sonic Screwdriver and did kind of a ready stance and pointed it at where they would be but when they came down the stairs I realized it was my sister and she gave me a disgusted look because if i were to defend myself i was gonna do it with my Sonic Screwdriver

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my gifs the hobbit bilbo baggins Bilbo bag end idek how to tag this hobbitedit but okay i was tired of being fucking confused when it comes to the layout of bag-end in accordance to the movie so some of these may seem like 'really? duh!' but it helps me establish where things are happening idek if this will be helpful to anyone i hope my crappy little map animations make sense but yeah okay how does bag end work?
photoset disney original type: edit wreck it ralph wir spoilers I'M STILL IN THE HONEYMOON PHASE WITH THIS MOVIE OKAY IDEK what I was thinking about though I can't tag all these characters omg every TIME I MAKE SOMETHING WITH THIS MOVIE I END UP WATCHING IT THREE TIMES i know it's been four months already but like Japan just got the movie last weekend so just to be safe
gif Harry Styles One Direction pop k 5k and niall you can tell that louis didnt figure it out cos he's like 'is he okay' liam and zayn i think were just about getting it sly bastard knew it from the start
One Direction ** But whatever done okay type: graphic IDK I DONT LIKE THIS THAT MUCH THE FIRST PIC LOOKS REALLY GOOD THATS ABOUT IT :~)) im sobbing blood
my gifs supernatural my stuff sam winchester My queue has been spotted in Vancouver and we're going to go rescue her 1kto10k omg it was actually REALLY HARD to find quotes for sam?? cuz mother fucker never talks about himself and he sure as shit never gloats or talks big like Dean does so Dean had like a million more I could've used and I spent like two days just trying to find enough for Sam's which I guess really says a lot about his character
* sherlock sherlock holmes john watson anyways bbc sherlock yeah okay i don't care that i used the same lyrics and i don't care if it has a little blue i like blue okay? the quote was from a gifset that i saw earlier and i just had to use it too so the credit for the quote goes to that person i don't know okay i'll try to make prettier and less angstier stuff later on i always say that don't i? i never seem to do more happy things BUT IT'S REICHENBACH THERE'S NOTHING HAPPY ABOUT IT shut up jojo
ugh comics stuff i made argh legend of korra the legend of korra Mei Lin Bolin borra madi draws things this comic I sure had a death wish starting this comic with this kind of style and shading I had no idea what I was going to do for the colors at first and I put this off for a while because I was unsure about the paneling and colors but in the end I did this and I'm pretty okay with it all just some good experimentation now I have about three other comic ideas I want to finish hoo boy
my gif anime sigh naruto Uzumaki Naruto I was about to do a gif version but tumblr doesn't like me to?? So I made a screen cap one so ghetto omg Happy birthday narudo idek if it goes in order
Boy Meets World Cory and Topanga cory matthews topanga lawrence
love Boy Meets World corey and topanga
reblog becky danisnotonfire we love you dan howell i had way to much fun writing this SAVE BECKY
mine okay cool omg is it bad that the first thing that i thought of when i saw okay cool was this sorry im not funny