• jjba jotaro kujo this is way too cute this is so wrong diodoka •
jjba jotaro kujo this is way too cute this is so wrong

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jjba jotaro kujo this is way too cute this is so wrong
Everyone makes fun of Jotaro for wearing that huge chain but you know it’s only there because otherwise he’s too quiet, him walking around is a heart attack waiting to happen. I bet one time he walked downstairs for dinner and was in the dining room for like five minutes before saying anything and H...
My art Fanart jojo's bizarre adventure i spent way too long on this jjba jotaro kujo Giorno Giovanna Jolyne Kujo smth is wonky w the colors in the last panel but i'm too lazy to fix it
bye jojo's bizarre adventure joseph joestar jjba jotaro kujo im super bored stardust crusaders Jotaro this is what my blog has come to
photography jjba jotaro kujo I'm so glad I bought this figurine at the con sorry for spamming with photos ;;
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Michael Cera jjba jotaro kujo stardust crusaders oh lord terrible photoshop
my edits my gifs jojo's bizarre adventure jjba jotaro kujo Jolyne Kujo Koichi Hirose eyes of heaven EoH I SERIOUSLY CANT HANDLE THIS AAAAAAA
parody jjba jotaro kujo diamond is unbreakable Josuke Higashikata rohan kishibe Okuyasu Nijimura Yukako Yamagishi Koichi Hirose JoJo's Bizzare Adventure tomoko higashikata yuuya fungami who is the guy next to okuyasu.. i don't think that's keicho THIS IS LIKE 2 WEEKS LATE BUT