• john green im laffin i want to be john green when i grow up doctorjew •
john green im laffin i want to be john green when i grow up


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john green im laffin i want to be john green when i grow up
I touched John Green's crotch.
It felt mushy.If he sees this post it will be really awkward. Hopefully he’s too busy right now to be reading through posts he’s tagged in. *I should stress that it was an accident. He was stage diving. I was trying to hold him up. Hands ended up places. 
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So my Maureen Johnson and Hank Green T-shirts came in today. I was taking them out of the package wh...
(Not sure if this is Mullet Maureen or Mullet Hank) But of course that led to me doing this: After which of course I had to pull out my Pizza John shirt and do all these: Unfortunately Pizza John is in a slightly larger scale, but I found it rather amusing anyways!
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